First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery
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The frost is out and WE'RE PLANTING! Midwest Machinery comes out and helps us get the planter dialed in.
Thank you to Midwest Machinery for sponsoring this video!

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I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and busi

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Фото с обложки First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery
Кадр из видео First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery
Кадр из видео First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery
Кадр из видео First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery

First Day Of Planting 2018 With Midwest Machinery

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