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The Diesel Power Challenge 2016 powered by XDP 10 reader-selected contenders compete in an event designed to assess each driver’s skill. On the obstacle course, the spotlight shifts from a truck’s go-fast prowess to the driver’s ability to navigate a coned-off, CDL-style training circuit while maneuvering with a 10,000-pound tractor-carrying trailer in tow. Completing the course with the quickest time can help a driver inch closer to claiming the overall DPC title.

Starting October 10, 2016 exclusively on the Motor Trend Channel, host Brian Lohnes takes you through our weeklong torture test that features 6 competitive events, 10 trucks, and 16,438 combined horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. We push Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke-powered trucks well beyond their limits in this search for the ultimate diesel truck and driver.

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10,000-Pound Trailer-Tow Obstacle Course – Diesel Power Challenge 2016

Фото с обложки 10,000-Pound Trailer-Tow Obstacle Course – Diesel Power Challenge 2016
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