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For this video, we dip in about and review all the reasons why the brand Honda gets so much hate from other enthusiastsYou could say it is the Japnese version of "Ford" in many ways, when it comes to lovers of the Honda Civic, Honda/ Acura Integra, Honda S2000, and NSX. It's one of the most beloved car brands with the likes of Toyota , Nissan, and Mitsubishi - but also one of the most hated. Why do they not like the acceleration of Vtec? Should you hate on these project cars? Maybe we can get you onboard for less hate.Let's find out. Thanks for watching and more below!

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Фото с обложки Why Do Hondas Get So Much Hate?- Let Me Explain
Кадр из видео Why Do Hondas Get So Much Hate?- Let Me Explain
Кадр из видео Why Do Hondas Get So Much Hate?- Let Me Explain
Кадр из видео Why Do Hondas Get So Much Hate?- Let Me Explain

Why Do Hondas Get So Much Hate?- Let Me Explain

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