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Фото на обложке:

Lena Waithe Talks Black Girls Rock, Humility, Liberation, New Projects + More

Фото с обложки Lena Waithe Talks Black Girls Rock, Humility, Liberation, New Projects + More

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Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family . 1 месяц назад
Who's else watching the interview and reading comments in same time ????Can't be the only one fr.
Quoya B
Quoya B . 1 месяц назад
When will y’all understand that a woman in a dress and heels, makeup, and long hair is not the “blueprint” for every woman?
jaybrook07 . 1 месяц назад
she bought out a theater so black people could support the Asian movie that came out... remember when an Asian activist did that for Black panther...oh wait..
Mary Miller
Mary Miller . 1 месяц назад
Wow the hateful responses from to this interview is disturbing. She gave props to several black men, gave several jewels and presented her authentic self. Negative reactions really say more about the reactor...
Jupiter Stars
Jupiter Stars . 1 месяц назад
Why are so many men on this comment section jealous of this person
lesley delancy
lesley delancy . 1 месяц назад
they support every culture but they own where were black girls rock when them chineses was choking and beating they sisters in the nail salon, they pick and choose fights when it support other..foolishness
KeLanna Spiller
KeLanna Spiller . 1 месяц назад
The men in this comment section tho!! LOL... Why are y'all so angry?
jjayphilly . 1 месяц назад
Shout out to all the BLACK WOMEN who embrace being feminine and love BLACK MEN.
Seasonal Loner
Seasonal Loner . 1 месяц назад
They need more programs for black boys ....
filtrotp40 . 1 месяц назад
Lena Waithe as the face of Black Girls Rock. Lena Waithe renting out a theater to screen Crazy Rich Asians. Yet another symptom of a black society that is not on code combined with the continuous underhanded tactics of the devils in Hollyweird. Stay vigilant family. We're in a race war and the enemy is using our own people as figurative social and cultural suicide bombers. B1.
thekingjayjay1988 . 1 месяц назад
but you are a girl no matter what you do to Ur hair lol
Southern Girl
Southern Girl . 1 месяц назад
I am sick of seeing this women. You are not a spokes person for black people especially black women. I remember when Lena went on a rant about supporting some Asian movie. We are not obligated to support other cultures in their come up. I don’t see one Asian flocking the theaters to see our movies. Also, how many Asians supported Black Panther? I’ll wait. You do not speak for me Lena.
Najia Walker
Najia Walker . 1 месяц назад
Awww saw Lena and had to click. Such a light! Keep going!!!
Hb 2N
Hb 2N . 1 месяц назад
Just came here to dislike this agent of choas.
tre wilson
tre wilson . 1 месяц назад
Why are people saying she is trying to be a man?? She literally said she was trying to hold on to a piece of femininity that she did not have, to make others comfortable. She knows she is a woman, and advocates for woman to be themselves in any form they come in.
Prince Castro
Prince Castro . 1 месяц назад
"Having long hair allowed people to look at me and say well you're still a girl though".... But you're a girl... You have ovaries... You have a vagina.... No matter how hard you try you're never going to be a guy lmao
Jade Forest
Jade Forest . 1 месяц назад
Men asking why it has to be Black Girls Rock? It is because of you. Black women are undervalued by every race in every culture. Black men praise anything and everything other than black women. Who oddly according to statistics are the most educated have the biggest entrepreneurial spirit but according to black men are still last on the the list being at the bottom of the totem pole. For the women who are calling it racist refer to the former statement and start your own. There is always a what about me when it comes to black women but we are the most criticized and the most emulated! Carry on!
DyVerse Writer
DyVerse Writer . 1 месяц назад
You can't take away the fact that she is a dope writer and producer.. dissing her and she living her best life#SMILEBITCH 😁
TheChampDMan z
TheChampDMan z . 1 месяц назад
How about making Black People Rock
Bon Qui Qui
Bon Qui Qui . 1 месяц назад
Look at all these upset black men in these comments lmaooo
Inlisted_Infantry . 1 месяц назад
The devil love glorifying sin. If you're the face of Black Girls Rock, we will start a new movement because this is not how black women should be represented.
ItsGippetto . 1 месяц назад
Salute to Lena for being in a position and also trying to put other people on.
Brittany C
Brittany C . 1 месяц назад
These comments are so ignorant 🙄 anyways Lena 😍
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams . 1 месяц назад
We in a gender war with our own so called race.
N M . 1 месяц назад
Uhhh ??? Is it black girl rock our black girl who thinks they are boys rock...hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤐
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson . 1 месяц назад
I think everybody really be sleep on Noah’s Arc!!! That was a wonderful show!!!!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne . 1 месяц назад
Black america just keeps getting weirder and weirder, I swear.
Zoey Neighland
Zoey Neighland . 1 месяц назад
There's a lot of salty bitter men in this comment section acting childish because of this woman. All that energy you're wasting on hating on someone who is an influence, can be used to just be a better man.
N.W.A. . 1 месяц назад
The black woman being the right hand man for all things degenerate and white supremacist. What else is new?
Clacci38 . 1 месяц назад
I can't wait until the next season of The Chi! Much respect to Lena Waithe, she is a great role model for women in the industry. Always positive and sharing her knowledge.
Q Price
Q Price . 1 месяц назад
She is so dope.
Jaysen Fitzgerald
Jaysen Fitzgerald . 1 месяц назад
She lowkey looks like Raphael Saadiq! 😂😂😂
TRU 2 the Game
TRU 2 the Game . 1 месяц назад
Dislike Squad!
TRU 2 the Game
TRU 2 the Game . 1 месяц назад
Black Girls Rock looks like a big dyke/man hating convention,smh...Black Families Rock! Black women want to be their own demographic so bad, but it’ll only be a detriment to themselves.
Prince Jaren
Prince Jaren . 1 месяц назад
From the Hood to Hollyweird