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Drafting is one of the key components of cycling and on average saves around 30% of your energy. Significant indeed!

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It is also known as slip streaming, or sitting on the wheel, and it's where you ride behind another rider, or riders.

Air resistance is the biggest mechanical component that prevents you from riding faster on a flat road.

You effectively have to push air out of the way as you are riding along. Hence, why a tail wind feels so much easier than a head wind.

By sitting behind another rider, or drafting, you are allowing them to push most of the air out of the way for you.

How much you benefit from drafting will depend on things such as wind speed, how fast you're riding, and indeed how close you are riding to the person in front of you.

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Фото с обложки What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained

What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained

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