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FLD is back from vacation and there is a bunch to talk about! Nissan’s 370Z is getting replaced by another form of the ‘Z’, but trust us, you don’t want to believe it! Jeeps “Hellcat” Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is going to be more of a whopper than we thought, Jaguar is adding more crossovers as well as its F-Pace SUV (not surprised), and the company Oshkosh will replace the Humvee as the U.S. Army tactical vehicle. Plus, it’s Monday, so someone will be Commenter of the Week! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by a fresh off vacation Derek D!

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Nissan Z Crossover, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, New Jaguar Suvs - Fast Lane Daily

Фото с обложки Nissan Z Crossover, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, New Jaguar Suvs - Fast Lane Daily

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MLChristopher . 3 года назад
The new Nissan crossover should just be called the ZZZ...
Joshua Hiller
Joshua Hiller . 3 года назад
Ooh pick me (Both hands in the air) I know what time it is double D, it's time to fire the CEO of Nissan #RealTalk
hydroboy35th . 3 года назад
FLDQoftheD, bad idea Nissan, BAD IDEA!!
Da Fook
Da Fook . 3 года назад
#FLDQoftheD Nissan turning the Z into a crossover is like them turning the GTR into a minivan. So yes, it is a bad idea.
eeemanyo . 3 года назад
I don't get Nissan, they already have the juke. Why not just update the juke?
telmo micael Henriques
telmo micael Henriques . 3 года назад
#FLDQoftheD Wait, WHAT??! They're gona do a Nissan Z crossover?? Are you kidding me??! The Z has amazing models like the 350z and 370z and were very famous in the need for speed series! And now? What are they gonna do? What are they gonna do? Add crossovers to their games? They are problably going to replace their name to Need for Crossovers! Dat's just stupid!
Michael Klein
Michael Klein . 3 года назад
I'm confused as to why the Z needs to be a crossover, since they have the Juke. Sigh, japanese car companies continue to tank themselves. #FLDQoftheD
Kaisuke971 . 3 года назад
GLE 63 AMG S*. The ML doesn't exist anymore
jo23bulls . 3 года назад
Hell to the naw, Nissan! I swear they're trolling us. Fire whoever thought that was a good idea. If you want a crossover, get a Juke or Murano. Stop bullshitting us and give us a BRZ fighting sports car!
Iris C
Iris C . 3 года назад
#FLDQoftheD dosn't Nissan already have 3 different crossovers???
Matteo Wise
Matteo Wise . 3 года назад
Hey Derek, instead of saying crossover you should say something like "huge disappointment" or squirrel because squirrels are cute and crossovers are just huge disappointments.
Vick Ramos
Vick Ramos . 3 года назад
A part of my soul died when you said the next Z will be a crossover :'(
robm425 . 3 года назад
#FLDQoftheD It is extremely dumb to turn the Z into a Crossover, but not surprising given the moves of partner company Infinity with the horrible naming format. If the Z goes away the only sports car within Nissan will be the GTR. Eventually GTR will go away and Nissan will go the fate of Mitsubishi and have no worth while cars to buy.
stephan louis
stephan louis . 3 года назад
I missed you guys i was such a long and boring week without you guys
imonetwistedtech . 3 года назад
OMG George did you see that Z28 SUV go by? Oh ya that Corvette crossover the guy down the block just got went by as well. My favorite crossover is that Nissan 390 Z. Holy hell Batman, it seats 7, it's 4 wheel drive, we can load it up and go camping up in the mountains because it has 12 in of ground clearence. The performance, now let me tell ya about the performance, better put your belt of for this. 0 to 6, a staggering week and half, a whole .1 g's for cornering and a top speed of......well no one knows because at 75mph it starts to get pretty crazy.
WTF is wrong with those morons? Either keep the Z or kill it but don't embarrass the name plate.
sillymoons oo
sillymoons oo . 3 года назад
Where can we petition the nissan z crossover!
ryan cook
ryan cook . 3 года назад
Why would Nissan do such a stupid think they have the juke (puke) that is fine and sells fine. It's got a nismo version to. They don't need to discontinue a jdm icons and amazing bang for your buck for a cross over. Rip Nissan z fans.
Jean Michel
Jean Michel . 3 года назад
I missed Erika's voice saying 'torque' :D
Danny Collins
Danny Collins . 3 года назад
Why nissan? Why replace the amazing looking 370z with a fxxxing crossover?! Why?
spenbour16 . 3 года назад
lets just hope nissan is making room for a new sports car
Gábor Négyesi
Gábor Négyesi . 3 года назад
are they on drugs over at nissan?
Lawrence Timme
Lawrence Timme . 3 года назад
the crossover z is the worst idea ever. they might as well put the Z badge on the next micra with a nyan cat paint job and hydraulic suspension that randomly bouncing you into the air.
Anjeluvadavis . 3 года назад
I'm hoping that Nissan pulls out their new sports car as the actual z replacement n this crossover thing afterwards as something that is z "inspired". That's what I want to interpret from what I heard
tokekkk . 3 года назад
I'm sure Z crossover will be CVT-ed Devil Z is laughing from Wangan
Over Kill
Over Kill . 3 года назад
Z crossover??? Nissan wtf are you doing?
Matteo Wise
Matteo Wise . 3 года назад
and yes its a bad idea to turn the z into a crossover
Cedric Moore
Cedric Moore . 3 года назад
Glad you guys are back! Great episode! Sorry you all had to talk about another crossover.
Skylar Wolfie
Skylar Wolfie . 3 года назад
Nissan could make better products, not that their products are bad... but I'm talking knock GM products out of the water. People like that Nissan's are simple, clean, and stylish, but they're quickly becoming outdated. Getting rid of the iconic Z as a sports coupe is the dumbest thing you could've ever done... Look at Mitsubishi, (from my understanding) they pulled out their manufacturing plants from the USA because they're tanking... They got rid of the Evo and tried to focus on Electric Vehicles... with barely any contribution to research. If you needed change, Nissan, you were doing pretty good with design. People like the uniqueness... for example the Murano sells like crazy here in Texas. I'm starting to see more Maximas too...
For new model years, Nissan should be giving the option for Auto & Manual transmissions, updating interior quality, updating technology & infotainment, more engine options for Pathfinder, Rogue, and Murano to maybe have the option for a cheaper turbo charged 2.5L 4 cyl, the 3.5L V6, and the 3.7L V6 from Infiniti's. I have yet to see if the Titan lives up to it's "hype". The Maxima faired well, we shall see. ;3
Solo_Drift_Pixy . 3 года назад
Let's put this into context, the creator of the Nissan Z cars, Yutaka Katayama, died earlier this year, and now what Nissan goes and does is take a dump all over the legacy that he created. I know it's all for cash but I'm starting to lose the respect I once had for Nissan. The Silvias, Z Cars, the old Pulsar GTi-R; all gone. The R35 may be a technical masterpiece, but I hate it because any idiot can jump in and go fast. "Innovation that excites"? More like "Innovation for the granny in you". The next Nissan Z should just be called the "Nissan Zzzz....". Fall asleep the MOMENT you get behind the wheel, lads"
Phil Le
Phil Le . 3 года назад
I think Nissan is making a terrible mistake by turning the Z into a crossover. The only reason why they are doing this is because they want to be like everyone else and have numerous crossover's in their lineup of vehicles. I can't believe they are willing to kill the Z heritage like this. What happens when crossover sales start to diminish? Nissan would have lost a LOT of followers and an iconic vehicle. It seems as though Nissan had no formula or ideas to compete with the new Mustangs or other cars in its class. As a former Z owner, I am disappointed.
JPRC . 3 года назад
You are great. Yes we missed you guys.
Matt Gamcsik
Matt Gamcsik . 3 года назад
#FLDQoftheD: I think that Nissan is doing the wrong thing turning the iconic Z car into a crossover. It will be different that Nissan won't have a sports car to compete with current and future offerings from all the different automotive companies. Bring the Z car back Nissan and give it some flavor.
charjohnnie sic
charjohnnie sic . 3 года назад
It's been over 40 years with Z car, Nissan nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Khalil R. Mercado
Khalil R. Mercado . 3 года назад
Just as Lincoln tried to make the Town Car into a crossover wit da mkt it shall b a bigger failure for Nissan & the Z smfh we don't need more crossovers we need big body V8's wit 6 speed manuals 2 & 4 doors.
SpaceG95 . 3 года назад
A crossover Z is automotive blasphemy. Did Ford or Chevy mutilate the pony cars. NO. Absolutely their worst business decisions to date.