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DIY EOS with NO Beeswax!
If you have a question about the DIY PLEASE read below! I have a FAQ!

In celebration of 3,000 amazing subscribers I will be showing you one of my favorite DIY's! It is easy, affordable, and fun! I really hope you guys enjoy making your own EOS.

Easiest way to make a EOS:
EOS lip scrub:
Want more natural ingredients? I made a follow up video made with 100% natural ingredients:

If you do try this out hit me up on Twitter with a pic!

My Info has changed since this video! My username changed from Australeya to Caitlyn Sydney and my new social medias are listed for you below!

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♥ Instagram: @CaitlynSydney
♥ Snapchat: @CaitlynSydney
♥ Twitter: (@_Australeya_)
♥ Tumblr:

1.Where do I get a Eos?
-In the US you can get it at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, & Rite aid. If you live elsewhere I am not sure, you can always look online!

2.Can I add flavoring?
-You cannot use any kind of extract (Vanilla, Peppermint) because it will NOT mix well with the Vaseline. I believe you can add flavoring oils, however I have no idea where you get them or if it would mix well with the Vaseline. If anyone has suggestions leave them below!

3.What kind of crayons should I use?
-Any, just make sure they are non-toxic.

4.Can I use something else other than Vaseline?
-I only made this DIY with Vaseline. Some people in the comments say beeswax or coconut oil but I am not sure.

5.Can I use food coloring?
-No it will not mix with Vaseline.

6.Can I use normal tape instead double sided?
-Yes, I used double sided tape because it was easier to work with and it had a stronger hold but normal tape should work.

7. What is the tape for?
- The tape holds the saran wrap and Eos together. It just ensures that the mold will be round.

8.Do you need to use crayons?
-The Vaseline is too soft to be on its own. I tired it before and it kept breaking and sliding off. The crayons hold everything together and make the Eos harder. So yes you do need crayons.

***I try my very best to answer everyone questions but please remember that I only made this DIY one way so I do not know how other products will work. Hope this works for you and gives you inspiration to make your own Eos!!

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Фото с обложки Diy: Make Your Own Eos Lip Balm! (Recycle Old Eos Container)
Кадр из видео Diy: Make Your Own Eos Lip Balm! (Recycle Old Eos Container)
Кадр из видео Diy: Make Your Own Eos Lip Balm! (Recycle Old Eos Container)
Кадр из видео Diy: Make Your Own Eos Lip Balm! (Recycle Old Eos Container)

Diy: Make Your Own Eos Lip Balm! (Recycle Old Eos Container)

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