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Matt Stephens asks pro bike riders at the Abu Dhabi Tour why they ride in extreme "Slammed" positions.

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In the past few years we've witnessed handlebar stems getting "slammed" to the headset bearing cover. This gives an extreme saddle - handlebar drop, something that looks like it may not be comfortable. But with a change in UCI regulations, see video, it's helped the increasing trend of "slamming"

Ex-Professional Cyclist Matt Stephens talks to pro riders and finds out if the gains are vanity or performance driven?

Let us know if you slam your stem in the comments below 👇

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Фото с обложки Why Do Professional Cyclists Slam Their Stems?
Кадр из видео Why Do Professional Cyclists Slam Their Stems?
Кадр из видео Why Do Professional Cyclists Slam Their Stems?
Кадр из видео Why Do Professional Cyclists Slam Their Stems?

Why Do Professional Cyclists Slam Their Stems?

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