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10 Mini Vehicles For Kids!

Inspired By My previous Creations!

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This GLS 63 AMG scale replica comes with all of the authentic emblems and logos, Painted Body, LED lights, MP3 player input, sounds and all other functionalities your child can dream of. It also includes working doors.

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Get ready to roll in superior style with the Rollplay-6Volt-BMW-i8.
This is the Concept Ride, Specially designed for kids of ages between 3-8 years. It is a single-seater ride and moves at a speed of 2.5 mph in the forward and reverse directions.
Check out all of RC cars at

For Star Wars fans, introducing the "Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder" by a company Radio Flyer.





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Фото с обложки 8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!
Кадр из видео 8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!
Кадр из видео 8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!
Кадр из видео 8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!

8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!

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