Sitting With Discomfort (Self-Worth Saturday)
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🥰 Thank you for watching #SelfWorthSaturday on SupportiveTarot!

This week's Journal Prompts:
1. In what ways do you escape, distract, avoid or try to 'fix' discomfort in your life (aka where does this show up the most for you)?
2. Do you notice any patterns or similarities in the types of discomfort you keep avoiding experiencing?
3. What is one thing you think your discomfort might be trying to teach you?

This week's Challenge:
This week, try to pay attention to those moments that discomfort arises. Try to notice what your knee-jerk reaction is to discomfort. What's your go-to? Distraction, avoidance, procrastination, fix-it mode, wallowing? See what happens when you just allow yourself to be uncomfortable for a little while longer.

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Кадр из видео Sitting With Discomfort (Self-Worth Saturday)
Кадр из видео Sitting With Discomfort (Self-Worth Saturday)
Кадр из видео Sitting With Discomfort (Self-Worth Saturday)

Sitting With Discomfort (Self-Worth Saturday)

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