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This was a client I had come in to see me last week with a few problems. What caught my attention was her ankle mechanics and foot position throughout the pedal stroke. Effectively, she was avoiding moving into too much hip flexion at the top of the pedal stroke with what she was doing with her feet.

As always, be kind in the comments (to everyone) and preferably come with facts if you intend to dispute or argue other's points of view.

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Comments and Questions: I love constructive, thought-provoking comments and questions. Anyone with helpful information is welcome to share it. But I want to make clear a few things – the discourse here should be civil. Anyone name-calling, denigrating, trolling or picking fights will be summarily banned. Don’t like it? Tough.

Second, just like any good scientist I try to present ideas in as open a context as possible – I try to avoid using the words always or never since as we know in clinical work and research, they rarely apply. Scientific and clinical practice teaches us that there are gray areas, and so everyone should feel comfortable expressing their opinion.

However, anyone expressing more than just their opinion/experience OR giving advice as an expert should be prepared to share their full name and credentials. Yes, we'd like to know who you are and what training/education you have to back up these strong beliefs. If you have a Master's Degree or PhD in kinesiology, physiology, physical therapy, or whatever may be applicable to the argument at hand. We'd like to know that. If you're just some guy who once read a couple research articles but you trade commodities as a profession, then we'd like to know that too. As I'm able, I will step in and ask for name and credentials in these situations....

The long and short of it? I'd like to keep things more civil and I'd like people to have a better idea of who is giving out information. Thanks everyone!

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Фото с обложки Crank Length And Bike Fit | One Real World Example
Кадр из видео Crank Length And Bike Fit | One Real World Example
Кадр из видео Crank Length And Bike Fit | One Real World Example
Кадр из видео Crank Length And Bike Fit | One Real World Example

Crank Length And Bike Fit | One Real World Example

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