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This 1930 Ford Model A is a unique hand-built Hot Rod for a rock star client that commissioned the team at Classic Car Studio to give this Model A some heavy metal attitude.


Engine: 331ci Hemi V8 built by Morley Performance (550 hp)
Holley Carburetors, Hot Heads Cam, MSD Ignition,
Speedway Motors Headers, Relocated Rearmount Radiator
Induction: Weiand 671 Blower
Transmission: TCI 700R4 w/ 10” Stall Converter
Chassis: Custom CCS Chassis
Suspension: Speedway Motors Suspension, Shocks, Front Axle
Brakes: Wilwood Master Cyl. w/ Speedway Motors Drum Brakes
Wheels: Custom CCS “Smoothie” Wheels - 18” Fronts & 20” Rears
Tires: Firestone Deluxe Champion Tires from Coker Tire
Interior: Custom CCS Sheetmetal Interior, AutoMeter Gauges,
Custom Goebel & Co. Furniture Zebra Wood Roof,
5” Chop on the Roof, 3” Channel on the Floors
Exterior Color: Bare Metal

Built by:
Classic Car Studio
1002 Hanley Industrial Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63144
(314) 567-4200
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-This video was made in collaboration with Classic Car Studio.


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Classic Car Studio

1930 Ford Model A

Driving our 550 HP Hotrod


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Фото с обложки Hot Rod Build Project - 1930 Ford Model A
Кадр из видео Hot Rod Build Project - 1930 Ford Model A
Кадр из видео Hot Rod Build Project - 1930 Ford Model A
Кадр из видео Hot Rod Build Project - 1930 Ford Model A

Hot Rod Build Project - 1930 Ford Model A

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