Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World
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Tiffany Gordon Cosplay's progress shots of how she made her shoes for her Xeno'jiiva Beta Armor cosplay from Monster Hunter World.

To create the shoes, I first took in game reference images from Monster Hunter World. Next, I created the spikes in a 3d modeling program called Rhino 6 & 3d printed them in ABS material on my 3d printer. I then sanded & primed the spikes with sandable spray paint.

Next, I purchased a basic black shoe & removed the decorative pieces from it. I then cut & attached foam mat pieces to the shoe with contact cement glue, followed by attaching the 3d printed spikes. I next cut & attached 4mm EVA foam and rounded the edges using a sanding drum & dremel. To add texture to the piece, I used a soldering iron to apply an all over organic feel. The last step before priming was to do a LIGHT all over heat treat with a heat gun (must do this step after using a soldering iron texture because the EVA foam will be crunchy & sharp and the heat gun will make it softer). I then used Kwik seal to fill the seams & cracks on the foam part of the shoes.

To prepare for painting I masked off with masking tape the spikes & shoe part. I then sprayed two coats of Plasti Dip to the entire piece & let dry. Once dry, I removed the masking tape from the spikes only. I then airbrush sprayed a base coat of gray/brown paint mix. I then continued to airbrush paint the shoes red then purple followed by black. The last part to airbrush paint was a light dusting of green & remove all the remaining masking tape & then the shoes were done!!!

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Фото с обложки Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World
Кадр из видео Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World
Кадр из видео Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World
Кадр из видео Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World

Tiff'S Tips: Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor Shoes -Monster Hunter World

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