Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner

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Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner
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A newly rebuilt engine from a supersonic fighter is put to the test at the S&S / Maddex test cell.
This engine has low smoke fuel nozzles and combustors.
The large cloud is is a mist of unburnt fuel, caused by the afterburner ignition not functioning.
Fuel consumption is about 35-40 gallons per minute at full dry power, and the afterburner adds about 50 to that number.
Max military (dry) thrust is about 11,000 lbs.
With Max AB, this engine made 18,300 lbs of thrust.
AB will only function at 100% rpm, which is 7650 under standard conditions. Flight idle is around 6400. and ground idle is 5000 rpm.
About Horsepower:
With this engine, the J79, there is an industrial version called the LM1500. The fuel burning core is the same, with identical part numbers.
The J79 jet engine is a gas generator with a jet propulsion exhaust nozzle at the back. The nozzle converts the exhaust energy into thrust by accelerating the gases. It takes a force to accelerate something. That force pushes on the thing doing the acceleration and equally on the thing being accelerated.
The LM1500 is the same gas generator that supplies the exhaust to a separate power turbine via a large duct. That power turbine converts the exhaust energy into mechanical torque and rotational speed. The definition of horsepower is torque multiplied by rpm divided by 5252.
So with this particular engine, we can measure thrust in one form of test, and power with the other.
When I say a J79 has 15,000 Hp, I mean the equivalent LM1500 makes that much.
Give or take, no guarantees, it's just for demonstration.
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Кадр из видео Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner
Кадр из видео Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner
Кадр из видео Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner

Testing A Ge J79 With Afterburner

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