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How to replace inner and outer tie rods. This video will show you in depth how to change the inner and outer tie rods of your car or truck. You need a special tool, an inner tie rod end tool, to complete the job (this can be rented for free at your local parts store). The job straight forward and anyone with basic tools can do it!

Inexpensive tie rods:
Tie rod tool I used:
Inexpensive Tie Rod Tool:
Torque Wrench I used:

How to check to see if your tie rod is bad:
Tie Rod End Cutaway:

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Фото с обложки How To Change Tie Rods (Inner And Outer Tie Rod Ends)
Кадр из видео How To Change Tie Rods (Inner And Outer Tie Rod Ends)
Кадр из видео How To Change Tie Rods (Inner And Outer Tie Rod Ends)
Кадр из видео How To Change Tie Rods (Inner And Outer Tie Rod Ends)

How To Change Tie Rods (Inner And Outer Tie Rod Ends)

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