A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy
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I've had a long standing request to put a webcam in the shop so that viewers can see what goes on in my shop on a work day. I couldn't work that out, but I asked Cameraman Brian to follow me around for a day to document whatever he sees. I also told him he could edit the video. In short, I gave Brian creative license to follow me around in the shop for a day and create a video of what he saw. This is the video he came up with. I hope it satisfies the request for a shop day in the life of EricTheCarGuy.

Camera: Brian Kast

Editing: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

Thanks for watching.

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Фото с обложки A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy

A Day At The Shop With Ericthecarguy

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