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I have used some of the concepts and principles in permaculture to build my garden and the practices I use. Central to my gardening methods are the principals of permanent agriculture through the use of perennials [2] and sustainable methods of food production [3].
Many of the principles I use in my garden are inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka the author of The One-Straw Revolution and his do-nothing farming where by one grows food with the least amount of effort while avoiding the use of manufactured inputs.
Many of you have already heard this already on my good friend Patrick’s channel in fact the method and book inspired his channel’s name One Yard Revolution. [4]
Today I am going to go through how I have implemented some of these principals in my garden and working to research and test the methods and practices to see if science supports their use.
I started in gardening much like many of you. I wanted to garden organically so I purchased organic products and followed methods similar to conventional large scale farming.
Following a number of conversations with my parents, grandparents and finally the YouTube community I was inspired to investigate the principals of sustainable gardening and was interested to see if it could be done in my northern growing zone.
As I began investigating these principles I liked the idea that this method of food production was more environmentally friendly while producing more food than I was able to previously.
I did find abandoning practices I had used for years tough. When abandoning a practice I was worried the new method would lead to a failure and I would lose the crop for the year. In order to help the transition I started by testing the new method on a small patch to see what happened.
I started adding perennials to the garden. This took a few years and some planning to maximize the use of the space I have dedicated to this. I took roughly equal shares between annual beds, trial beds and perennial beds. The central beds are dedicated to annuals with the trial beds immediately adjacent and the perennial beds on the perimeter.
To date I have added 33 varieties of 12 different crops and continue to look for other crops to add in including this rhubarb plant that my parents took from their patch to bring to me.
In order to produce as much food as possible in a sustainable method I have organized my plants by size and nutritional requirements.
I have chosen to plant larger trees and shrubs outside of the garden directly in my native soil. Their extensive root networks often extending 1.5 – 2x larger than the diameter of the tree are able to seek out and find the nutrients they require. This allows me to plant them in areas

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Фото с обложки How I Use Permaculture Principals To Grow More Food My Small Garden
Кадр из видео How I Use Permaculture Principals To Grow More Food My Small Garden
Кадр из видео How I Use Permaculture Principals To Grow More Food My Small Garden
Кадр из видео How I Use Permaculture Principals To Grow More Food My Small Garden

How I Use Permaculture Principals To Grow More Food My Small Garden

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