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Scotty Kilmer

Nut And Bolt Removal - смотреть 4 видео - Scotty Kilmer

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These videos are about everything related to nut and bolt removal, stuck lug nuts, stripped nuts, hard to reach bolts, and more.

Getting Hard To Reach Nuts And Bolts
Scotty Kilmer
178.1 тыс. 2.3 тыс. 70
How To Remove A Stripped Bolt Or Nut In Your Car
Scotty Kilmer
932.8 тыс. 7.4 тыс. 485
How To Remove Stuck Nuts And Bolts In Your Car
Scotty Kilmer
1.2 млн. 6.2 тыс. 526
How To Remove Stripped Lug Nut Stud On Your Car
Scotty Kilmer
245.5 тыс. 2.4 тыс. 77