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Transmission And Clutch Repair - смотреть 12 видео - Scotty Kilmer

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These videos are about everything related to vehicle transmissions, slipping, clunking, leaking, clutches, and more.

How To Fix A Slipping Transmission In Your Car (Fluid Change)
Scotty Kilmer
3.1 млн. 16.1 тыс. 976
How To Fix A Car That Shakes When Accelerating (U Joint)
Scotty Kilmer
1.2 млн. 9.8 тыс. 269
How To Fix A Car That Won'T Go Into Gear (Clutch Master)
Scotty Kilmer
1.0 млн. 5.3 тыс. 285
Should You Buy A Manual Transmission Car (Stick Shift Vs Automatic)
Scotty Kilmer
929.6 тыс. 10.5 тыс. 324
How To Fix A Slipping Clutch In Your Car (Clutch Replacement)
Scotty Kilmer
890.2 тыс. 6.7 тыс. 288
How To Fix Car That Clacks When You Turn (Cv Joint And Axle)
Scotty Kilmer
645.8 тыс. 6.5 тыс. 155
How To Fix A Transmission Leak In Your Car (Axle Seal)
Scotty Kilmer
448.7 тыс. 3.9 тыс. 138
How To Fix A Transmission Leak In Your Car (Output Shaft Seal)
Scotty Kilmer
405.8 тыс. 2.6 тыс. 114
How To Fix A Sticking Clutch In Your Car (Master And Slave Cylinder)
Scotty Kilmer
357.8 тыс. 3.9 тыс. 117
How To Replace Rear End On Your Car (Differential)
Scotty Kilmer
301.2 тыс. 2.8 тыс. 97
The Best Automatic Transmission Fluid For Your Car (Synthetic)
Scotty Kilmer
295.9 тыс. 1.6 тыс. 132