Sailing Sv Delos
Sailing SV Delos

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Just before our 7,000 NM crossing of the Indian Ocean we did some safety briefings for the newbie Delos Crew. Braidster took the time to edit them together in Delos fashion. We hope you learn something, and are entertained as well :)

Man Overboard Drill
Before setting sail to cross the Indian Ocean we perform a LIVE man overboard drill with The Braidster as our subject. He accidently falls off with a survival kit while checking the fishing lines. It's up to the crew to react quickly, get the sails down, Delos turned around, and go back to pick up our boy!

Fire And Breach In The Vessel
Our worst nightmare! What happens if we get a fire onboard or our hull is breached by crashing into something at sea? We take a few minutes to explain to our new crew how to react and the important things to do to save Delos!

Abandon Ship
Our other worst nightmare! We discuss with our new crew the steps to take should we be forced to abandon Delos. We talk about our ditch list, mayday calls, our liferaft, and the things we'd grab with us before abandoning ship.

Sailing Sv Delos- Man Overboard Drill
Sailing Sv Delos
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Safety At Sea- Fire And Breach In The Vessel
Sailing Sv Delos
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Sailing Sv Delos - Abandon Ship!
Sailing Sv Delos
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Weather Routing With Pilot Charts- Sv Delos Sailing
Sailing Sv Delos
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