Sailing Sv Delos
Sailing SV Delos

Slow Tv Sailing Shots - By Sailing Vessel Delos - смотреть 7 видео - Sailing Sv Delos

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This is Slow TV, or Slow Television, filmed on our sailboat Delos. These videos are long, unedited views with natural ambient or ocean wave and wind noise in the background.

On a recent sail we were inspired by a TED talk on the concept of Slow TV. The idea is to capture an experience from a point of view over a long time span. Here is a link to the TED talk if you're interested-

Maybe play these on the TV while you eat or a second monitor while you work. I dunno but hope you enjoy!

Love Brady, Alex, Brian, and Karin.

Slow Tv - ( 2+ Hrs) Sailing Into Canary Islands And Docking! Sv Delos
Sailing Sv Delos
82.7 тыс. 1.9 тыс. 154
Slow Tv Sailing [100 Min] - Bluewater, Mid-Atlantic, 30 Knots! Sv Delos!
Sailing Sv Delos
77.4 тыс. 2.0 тыс. 228
Slow Tv - 6.5 Hours! Florida Canals, Squalls And Sailing The Atlantic Ocean!
Sailing Sv Delos
79.7 тыс. 2.8 тыс. 214
Slow Tv - Asmr - Sailing To Tobago - Sailing Vessel Delos
Sailing Sv Delos
541.7 тыс. 5.2 тыс. 393
Slow Tv -  Beating Upwind To Grenada - Sailing Vessel Delos
Sailing Sv Delos
69.9 тыс. 2.7 тыс. 721