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Denver, Colorado, is the scene for Diesel Power Challenge 2016 presented by Xtreme Diesel Performance. As always, the field of competitors (ten stout diesel trucks and their owners) was chosen by Diesel Power readers, and the 9 men and one woman are all set to battle each other in the ultimate pursuit of diesel dominance.

Starting October 10, 2016 exclusively on the Motor Trend Channel, host Brian Lohnes calls all the action in our 5-day test, which features 6 competitive events, 10 trucks, and 16,438 combined rear-wheel horsepower and torque. We push Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke-powered trucks well beyond their limits in this search for the ultimate diesel.

Catch the entire week of programming on the Motor Trend Channel, with a new video premiering each day!

Sled Pull And Awards Banquet –Diesel Power Challenge 2016
Motortrend Channel
258.4 тыс. 2.9 тыс. 125
1/4-Mile Drag Race – Diesel Power Challenge 2016
Motortrend Channel
326.8 тыс. 3.2 тыс. 318
1/8-Mile Trailer Tow – Diesel Power Challenge 2016
Motortrend Channel
294.6 тыс. 3.1 тыс. 134