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BBTV British Boxing Television

Bbtv British Boxing Television

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BBTV: British Boxing TV - Boxing News Interviews, biographical Interviews, big fight predictions, fight footage.

We produce video interviews with amateur and professional boxers, coaches, managers, promoters and fans in the UK but predominantly in Manchester where we are based.

Established in 2009, our aim was to help young up and coming boxers get some publicity, get their name out and sell tickets and also to catch up with some retired fighters and look back on their careers. Over the years BBTV's Chris Maylett and Aky Karim have interviewed some of the biggest names in the sport and continue to bring their unique style and coverage to their subscribers.

Thank you to all our current subscribers for watching us. Please subscribe to our channel

If you like what we do and would like to see us grow and produce more content, please email us for a chat.

Thank you


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