Welker Farms Inc
Welker Farms Inc

Welker Farms Inc

336 000
336 000
2nd Largest Tractor In The World??
Welker Farms Inc
219.2 тыс. 10.3 тыс. 118
Crazy Farm Machinery|Out Of This World Ag Expo Farm Show
Welker Farms Inc
158.6 тыс. 6.7 тыс. 96
Smashed My Finger|Shop Shenanigans
Welker Farms Inc
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World Ag Expo Live! Case Ih Lot & Youtubers!
Welker Farms Inc
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600hp Big Bud Nut Vs Leg Arms|He Will Win!!!
Welker Farms Inc
238.3 тыс. 17.3 тыс. 95
Is It Safe???
Welker Farms Inc
178.2 тыс. 11.0 тыс. 81
No More Leaks|Overdue Repairs On Our Case Ih 7140 Magnum
Welker Farms Inc
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Turbo Gone!? & Stubborn Starting Skid Steer!
Welker Farms Inc
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Mangled Ring Gear|Pull The Transmission!
Welker Farms Inc
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Behind The Scenes - Q&A - Making Youtube Videos
Welker Farms Inc
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Lake House Renovation Part 5|1960'S Bathroom Makeover
Welker Farms Inc
113.8 тыс. 6.6 тыс. 52
An Entire Year Of Farming| 2019 Season Rewind
Welker Farms Inc
140.2 тыс. 6.0 тыс. 71
Lake House Renovation Part 4| Kitchen Makeover With Copper?
Welker Farms Inc
143.5 тыс. 12.3 тыс. 99
They Rejected Our Peas! Mold? Moisture? Not Fun...
Welker Farms Inc
268.0 тыс. 13.6 тыс. 115

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Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been in the family since the homestead of 1912. Third generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with his two sons, Nick and Scott, strive to carry on the family farm legacy. Throughout our 10,000 acre farm we grow spring wheat, winter wheat, yellow peas, and lentils.

Welker Farms Inc has become a common name throughout the agriculture world by means of popular YouTube videos from our channel. It all began when Nick Welker produced a video featuring our farm operation to celebrate 100 years of successful farming. Now after many cinematic/epic videos of farming and time-lapse restoration videos the channel has grown significantly. We have been featured in National Geographic Channel, RFD-TV, Progressive Farmer Magazine, Norwegian magazine Traktor, and a Welker Farms Farming Simulator map by Mappers Paradise.

Ultimately we owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Check out our new website welkerfarmsinc.com!

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