Active Self Protection
Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection

1 397 575
1 397 575
Pair Of Off Duties Prepared For The Worst
Active Self Protection
12.6 тыс. 1.8 тыс. 33
San Diego Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing
Active Self Protection
45.2 тыс. 2.5 тыс. 78
Switched On Officer Excels In A Very Intense Situation
Active Self Protection
127.1 тыс. 6.5 тыс. 134
Lapd Officer Must React Immediately To Ambush
Active Self Protection
66.7 тыс. 3.1 тыс. 60
Compliance Is A Decent Strategy With Varying Results
Active Self Protection
59.9 тыс. 2.5 тыс. 57
Routine Stop Turns Into A Blessing For The Deserving
Active Self Protection
82.1 тыс. 3.9 тыс. 78
Stepping Into Third Party Encounters Can Be Dangerous
Active Self Protection
95.9 тыс. 3.6 тыс. 72
Louisiana Clerk Handles The Situation
Active Self Protection
105.0 тыс. 4.6 тыс. 97
Prepared Clerk Loses His Job
Active Self Protection
82.2 тыс. 3.7 тыс. 71
Nopd Glock Has Type 3 Malfunction On Camera
Active Self Protection
81.4 тыс. 2.8 тыс. 80
Two Videos Of Moto-Bandits With Differing Results
Active Self Protection
58.1 тыс. 2.9 тыс. 42
French Student Targeted For Her Backpack
Active Self Protection
70.2 тыс. 3.0 тыс. 78
Dude In Brazil Reaches To Take Phone And Tool
Active Self Protection
131.3 тыс. 6.1 тыс. 80
Terribly Ugly Incident In Detroit
Active Self Protection
148.3 тыс. 6.1 тыс. 273

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Every single day we post a real defensive encounter caught on camera and perform an after-action report on it for lessons learned. We educate the public on what we see that works and what we see that doesn't in real robberies, muggings, carjackings, and other defensive situations. Our approach is evidence-based, meaning we try hard not to have a pre-set dogma but to go where the actual evidence leads towards more positive outcomes for good people.

Active Self Protection trains people in armed and unarmed self-defense. Our motto: cover your ASP! (that means your Attitude, Skills, and Plan)

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