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Welcome to the official Milkshake! channel and the place for all things Milkshake! on YouTube. You'll find us on Channel 5 every morning from 6am.

But here you'll find clips, episodes and compilations of all your favourite shows and the Milkshake! Team. So you can have Milkshake! any time of the day.

Sing-along, dance-along, listen and watch Kemi, Derek, Jen, Amy, Olivia, Sita, David, Nathan and Kiera. Plus join Milkshake Monkey on his adventures and discover and learn with some of your favourite characters.

Most importantly... have fun and don't forget to subscribe!


Ricky Sneak Peeks
27 видео

Daisy And Ollie Sneak Peaks
13 видео

Milkshake! Stay At Home
28 видео

Milkshake! Bopping About
10 видео

Milkshake! Crafts
23 видео

Sunny Bunnies
6 видео

8 видео

Top Wing
7 видео

Milkshake! Out And About
15 видео

Milkshake! Loves
12 видео

Milkshake! Monkey - Series 2
20 видео

Milkshake! Monkey - Series 1
20 видео

Milkshake! Birthday Cards
15 видео

Fireman Sam
10 видео

Thomas & Friends
11 видео

Shimmer And Shine
10 видео

Paw Patrol
11 видео

Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom
11 видео

Peppa Pig
17 видео

Milkshake Encore
642 видео

10 видео

Milkshake! Monkey - Series 4
10 видео

Secret Life Of Kittens
5 видео

5 видео

Milkshake! Storytime
56 видео

Mr Perkins Storytime
10 видео

Nathan's Body Popping Lessons
5 видео

Get Fit With Olivia
3 видео

Secret Life Of Puppies
20 видео

9 видео

Jen's Jolly Bakes
16 видео

D.i.y. David
9 видео

Milkshake! Presenters
9 видео

Milkshake! Dance Routines
24 видео

Milkshake! Monkey - Series 3
21 видео

Milkshake! Summer Fun
11 видео

Fireman Sam Summer Safety Tips
5 видео

Brand New To Milkshake!
10 видео

Milkshake Bop Box
25 видео

Milkshake Music Box
17 видео

Little Princess
10 видео


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