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My name is Tamsin Ambrose and I am the creator of the Lullaby Baby channel.

I created Lullaby Baby as I really wanted to provide LONG-PLAY high quality relaxing music videos to help parents soothe their babies. The channel has since evolved to provide relaxing music for people of all ages, including pets.

With the help of all the wonderful musicians and animators I have worked with, we now provide: harp, music box, solo piano, acoustic guitar, nature sounds, Christmas music, and more.

To be 100% suitable for sleep, there are NO AD BREAKS in any of our videos.

All our videos are in HIGH DEFINITION (HD 1080p or 4K 2160p), so they're perfect for big screens, too.

Thank you for watching! 


Please note: We aim to provide relaxing music. However, "relaxing", "beautiful", etc. are subjective words, and what works for one person may not work for another. Please experiment with different videos until you find something that you enjoy.


Baby Sleep Music - Harp Lullabies
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Christmas Music - Long Playlists
24 видео

Baby Sleep Sounds (No Music)
9 видео

Baby Sleep Music
14 видео

Sleep Music & Water Sounds
8 видео

Relaxing Classical Music
15 видео


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