Pure Living for Life
Pure Living for Life

Pure Living For Life

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462 000
Timelapse: Junk Firewood To Butcher Block In 14 Minutes
Pure Living For Life
181.3 тыс. 5.1 тыс. 540
The Reveal - Rookie Couple Builds Diy Dream Kitchen
Pure Living For Life
204.0 тыс. 8.2 тыс. 487
Ultimate Wife Bait! Custom Diy Kitchen Cabinet Reveal
Pure Living For Life
172.4 тыс. 6.3 тыс. 448
If She Can Cook & She Can Drywall, Shes A Keeper!
Pure Living For Life
149.9 тыс. 5.9 тыс. 414
Insanely Fast & Easy Way To Cut & Screw Drywall Finally!
Pure Living For Life
158.1 тыс. 5.2 тыс. 296
Firewood ➡️➡️ Butcher Block: Sink Install & Epoxy Coating
Pure Living For Life
127.7 тыс. 5.4 тыс. 352
Watch This Before Buying A Sawmill (Bandsaw Vs Chainsaw Mill)
Pure Living For Life
76.4 тыс. 3.4 тыс. 524
Dream Home Build: Which Sink?! We Can'T Decide!
Pure Living For Life
103.3 тыс. 4.7 тыс. 473
Firewood Turned Into Dream Kitchen Butcher Block Pt 2
Pure Living For Life
99.1 тыс. 4.6 тыс. 306
Oddly Satisfying! Nasty Wood To Amazing Cabinets
Pure Living For Life
96.4 тыс. 4.3 тыс. 352
Timelapse: Wood Fired Hot Tub Built By Couple In 13 Min
Pure Living For Life
1.3 млн. 15.8 тыс. 923
No Freakin' Way... They Sent The Wrong Cabinet Hardware
Pure Living For Life
84.8 тыс. 3.8 тыс. 381
The Most Exciting Cabinet Video We'Ve Made...So Far!
Pure Living For Life
90.8 тыс. 4.4 тыс. 358
Diy Dream Kitchenette Building Cabinet Face Frames
Pure Living For Life
83.8 тыс. 4.1 тыс. 317
Wood Left Outside 2 Years Turned Into Amazing Cabinets
Pure Living For Life
102.6 тыс. 4.6 тыс. 382

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We're a young couple that bought land in the Pacific Northwest where we're building our dream life from the ground up - including building our own house with our own bare hands! Our goal is to develop our property debt-free and do as much of the work ourselves as possible. We don't sugar coat things or hide the fact that we're complete newbies, and our channel is all the better for it! We share the good, bad and ugly of a DIY lifestyle as a couple - hang on for the ride!

Blog: http://purelivingforlife.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purelivingforlife
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purelivingforlife/

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