Pure Living for Life
Pure Living for Life

Pure Living For Life

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433 314
Will This One Thing Triple Our Garden Yields This Year?
Pure Living For Life
115.8 тыс. 5.8 тыс. 374
Goodbye Sawmill
Pure Living For Life
209.3 тыс. 8.0 тыс. 424
I Was Wrong (Testing Wireless Tank Monitors)
Pure Living For Life
147.4 тыс. 6.2 тыс. 612
The Ugly Truth Of Owning Property With A View
Pure Living For Life
281.8 тыс. 8.2 тыс. 880
Turned $6k In Logs Into $80k And We’Re Not Done Yet!
Pure Living For Life
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This Thing Is Smoking Hot! Someome Crank Up The A/C!
Pure Living For Life
199.9 тыс. 7.5 тыс. 463
Shame On You Dewalt
Pure Living For Life
956.8 тыс. 13.2 тыс. 3.3 тыс.
Total Stranger Drove 1000 Miles To Sharpen Antique Saw!
Pure Living For Life
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Soup Companies Don'T Want You To Watch This Video!
Pure Living For Life
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2 Days To Fill Our Cisterns? Are You Flipping Kidding Me?
Pure Living For Life
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Its Freakin Magic! (Installing Water Softener For Well Water)
Pure Living For Life
165.4 тыс. 6.2 тыс. 322
The Ultimate Guide To Growing A Lot Of Food In A Small Space!
Pure Living For Life
134.5 тыс. 5.2 тыс. 771
Made Ice Cream W/ An Illegal Ingredient! What Happened?
Pure Living For Life
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Couple Lives In Tent For 3 Years To Build House Debt Free
Pure Living For Life
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Omg... Someone 3d Printed Our Timber Frame House!
Pure Living For Life
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We're a young couple that bought land in the Pacific Northwest where we're building our dream life from the ground up - including building our own house with our own bare hands! Our goal is to develop our property debt-free and do as much of the work ourselves as possible. We don't sugar coat things or hide the fact that we're complete newbies, and our channel is all the better for it! We share the good, bad and ugly of a DIY lifestyle as a couple - hang on for the ride!

Blog: http://purelivingforlife.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purelivingforlife
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purelivingforlife/

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