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Pure Living For Life

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420 110
Composting 101: Stupid-Easy Compost Making In Piles & Bins
Pure Living For Life
467.0 тыс. 13.6 тыс. 157
Stupid-Easy Solar For Going Off Grid, Rvs And Boondocking
Pure Living For Life
1.3 млн. 14.3 тыс. 524
Tomorrow’S The Big Day! (Laying Conduit For Power)
Pure Living For Life
189.9 тыс. 7.9 тыс. 229
Confession: I Don'T Actually Like Homesteading
Pure Living For Life
322.7 тыс. 8.9 тыс. 298
We'Re Ready For Water Baby! Hot Diggity Dog!
Pure Living For Life
157.4 тыс. 5.7 тыс. 89
Insane Solar Cooking With The Gosun Stove
Pure Living For Life
143.9 тыс. 3.3 тыс. 58
Will 200 Amps Be Enough?! (Connecting House To Power)
Pure Living For Life
190.5 тыс. 7.0 тыс. 243
Drilling A Well - This Isn’T At All What We Expected
Pure Living For Life
296.0 тыс. 10.1 тыс. 346
Everybody Told Me Not To Mulch With This But I Did Anyways!
Pure Living For Life
172.0 тыс. 3.8 тыс. 143
Don'T Preserve Fruit Until You Watch This Video!
Pure Living For Life
89.8 тыс. 7.2 тыс. 51
Zap Me & Call Me Tesla! There'S Power In Our House!
Pure Living For Life
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Young Couple Builds Their Own Dream House
Pure Living For Life
481.9 тыс. 10.7 тыс. 543
Weatherman Pranked Us! First Blizzard In New House!
Pure Living For Life
209.9 тыс. 8.2 тыс. 317
Tragedy Strikes - Wind Sends Roof Panel Sailing!
Pure Living For Life
199.8 тыс. 7.8 тыс. 261

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We're a young couple that bought land in the Pacific Northwest where we're building our dream life from the ground up - including building our own house with our own bare hands! Our goal is to develop our property debt-free and do as much of the work ourselves as possible. We don't sugar coat things or hide the fact that we're complete newbies, and our channel is all the better for it! We share the good, bad and ugly of a DIY lifestyle as a couple - hang on for the ride!

Blog: http://purelivingforlife.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purelivingforlife
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purelivingforlife/

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