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offers hardcore, punk, metalcore, OI, hardcore punk bands
the opportunity to introduce themselves to a giant community and increase
their fan base FOR FREE !!!
With your agreement we will add your videos on our HARDCORE WORLDWIDE
Youtube-Channel so that you become more well known and famous !!!
So if you would like to join, send your material to:
contact (at) hardcore-worldwide.com

A T T E N T I O N !!! + A T T E N T I O N !!! + PLEASE NOTE !!!

If we have already discovered your videos and you don´t want us to present them,
please get in touch and we will remove them from our channel immediately !!!

==== PORTUGUÊS ====
Somos uma plataforma gratuita para apresentar bandas internacionais de
Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore, Oi, Hardcore Punk, afim de proporcionar o
aumento de fãs da nossa própria comunidade!
Com seu acordo, nós adicionaremos seus vídeos em nosso canal do YOUTUBE,
HARDCORE MUNDIAL. Juntos iremos gerar o crescimento constante de fãs!
contact (at) hardcore-worldwide.com

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