Maple Leaf Learning
Maple Leaf Learning

Maple Leaf Learning

468 000
468 000
Learn Verbs #1 | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
9.9 тыс. 86 6
Learn Living Room Vocabulary | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
11.1 тыс. 71 2
Jelly Beans Song | Simple Counting Song For Kids
Maple Leaf Learning
17.0 тыс. 43 4
Learn Kitchen Items | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
12.8 тыс. 83
Learn Bathroom Items | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
15.4 тыс. 96 5
I Can Hop | Simple Animal Song With Actions For Kids!
Maple Leaf Learning
19.8 тыс. 122 22
We Had Fun | Simple Goodbye Actions Song For Kids
Maple Leaf Learning
20.3 тыс. 77 8
Hop Little Rabbit | Rabbit And The Turtle Song
Maple Leaf Learning
28.7 тыс. 76 7
Learn School Supplies | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
18.7 тыс. 152 11
Eyebrows Up! | Simple Body Parts Song For Kids
Maple Leaf Learning
18.2 тыс. 111 2
Learn School Subjects | Talking Flashcards
Maple Leaf Learning
12.3 тыс. 104 12

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Simple, fun and educational songs for kids. Great for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children as well as the ESL and EFL classroom.

All of our songs, games and activities are developed and tested in-house by experienced teachers at our well-established language school in Japan. Kids learn best when they don’t realize that they’re learning. Our materials are often inspired by natural play and interaction in the classroom.

Our unique style of blending physical elements (realia) into songs will get even the most shy, unwilling children hooked, participating and singing along. With a big scoop of fun and a sprinkle of silly, we make learning incredibly fun. So, you’re sure to have instant hits that children will ask for again and again.

Don't forget to visit the resource library on our website (link below) for printable flashcards, crafts, worksheets, activities, games and more.

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