Sailing La VagabondeSailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde

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425 417
Running Our Yacht Aground!!! Ep.155
Sailing La Vagabonde
31.9 тыс. 2.8 тыс. 39
The Frustration Of Immigration Ep.154
Sailing La Vagabonde
128.7 тыс. 6.1 тыс. 69
Catch And Cook: Spearfishing Caribbean Fish, 🔥 On The Beach!
Sailing La Vagabonde
142.9 тыс. 12.3 тыс. 179
Freediving An Uninhabited Island Ep. 153
Sailing La Vagabonde
182.0 тыс. 12.6 тыс. 91
How To Enter And Exit A Marina (Dock Like A Boss!!!)
Sailing La Vagabonde
101.5 тыс. 7.0 тыс. 121
Boat Life - What We Do When There'S Nothing To Do
Sailing La Vagabonde
171.4 тыс. 13.1 тыс. 135
A Sentimental Road Trip 🗺
Sailing La Vagabonde
115.6 тыс. 5.7 тыс. 123
Operation ‘Zero Chance' - Ep.151
Sailing La Vagabonde
234.1 тыс. 9.4 тыс. 156
When The Crew'S In A Bad Mood
Sailing La Vagabonde
134.3 тыс. 6.4 тыс. 95
Working Harder Not Smarter (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 150
Sailing La Vagabonde
167.8 тыс. 11.1 тыс. 111
How We Afford To Sail Around The World!
Sailing La Vagabonde
129.1 тыс. 7.5 тыс. 192
Spearfishing Wahoo From A Sailboat!
Sailing La Vagabonde
153.6 тыс. 7.0 тыс. 96
Our Rough Future Plans - Announcement Recap
Sailing La Vagabonde
184.5 тыс. 9.8 тыс. 163

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We are an Australian couple with the dream of circumnavigating the globe by sail boat… initially having no clue of how to sail. We have now sailed over 50,000nm across many oceans. Through our videos we hope to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness. With YOUR support we can keep these movies coming every Monday! (northern hemisphere time)

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