Cartoons and Toys for Kids
Cartoons and Toys for Kids

Cartoons And Toys For Kids

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Cartoons and Toys for kids games for kids channel full of Minions. Mions singing and dancing in a magical village. Toy unboxing and kid friendly toy and playset videos for all age groups at heart! This channel is for far more than just cartoons, We review many Disney, Pixar and Play-Doh toys plus Kinder Surprise eggs, collectables and more! Besides, McDonald's Happy Meal toys are our favorite! McLanche Feliz in other words... Some of the other toys we love are Frozen, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Lego Mixels, Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Kinder Eggs, Hello Kitty, Sofia the first, Doc Mcstuffins, Pixar Cars Planes, Disney Princesses and all kinds of surprises! Happy Meal toys is updated regulary. This month we start with Happy Meal Sing Movei toys.

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