Louisiana Cajun Recipes
Louisiana Cajun Recipes

Louisiana Cajun Recipes

52 800
52 800
I Lost A Big Toe Due To Infection
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
3.7 тыс. 422 9
Back In The Hospital Again.
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
4.1 тыс. 395 3
I Almost Died
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
8.6 тыс. 699 5
Weber Smoked Meatloaf
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
2.0 тыс. 127 3
Godfather Italian Sandwich
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
2.4 тыс. 175 4
Meat Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
2.2 тыс. 168 2
How Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists Are Made
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
51.3 тыс. 539 15
How To Grill A 40oz Cowboy Steak
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
1.9 тыс. 129 8
Fathers Day Wsm Bbq Ribs
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
2.2 тыс. 163 2
Pastalaya Recipe
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
3.2 тыс. 216
Alert To My Close Friends
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
4.7 тыс. 245 2
Smothered  Burger Steaks And Gravy
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
2.5 тыс. 200 3
1974 Z-28  Camaro Type Lt My New Baby Test Drive
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
3.3 тыс. 176 1
Bbq Baby Back Ribs
Louisiana Cajun Recipes
1.9 тыс. 127 4

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About Me:
My entire family cooks great Cajun food, I learned from them starting at age 10 & have been cooking since then. I love to try new thing and can cook all kinds of cuisine.
Making videos is a great way to share recipes with friends & fans.

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Hometown: Baton Rouge La.
Country: United States
Occupation: HVAC company owner
Companies: La. Air Systems Inc
Schools: Nuclear submarines 101.007
Interests: Cooking, being a smart ass, NASCAR, Computer repairs, retired Prof drummer, semi retired Pro sound tech;
Movies: All 007 movies, The 3 Stooges
Music: Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, Big Band,
Books: Any cookbook
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