Ratchets And Wrenches
Ratchets And Wrenches

Ratchets And Wrenches

660 000
660 000
Top 5 Reasons Cars Catch On Fire - And How To Avoid Them
Ratchets And Wrenches
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Every Car Owner Must Know This - Fix It Or Sell It
Ratchets And Wrenches
57.3 тыс. 3.1 тыс. 70
Top 5 Mechanic Tricks And Hacks I Use On The Reg
Ratchets And Wrenches
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Top 3 Ways Thieves Steal Cars
Ratchets And Wrenches
1.2 млн. 25.2 тыс. 1.2 тыс.
When A Transmission Fluid Change Or Flush Can Damage Your Transmission
Ratchets And Wrenches
338.2 тыс. 7.0 тыс. 350
3 Easy Tricks To Start A Dead Car - Without Jumper Cables
Ratchets And Wrenches
1.7 млн. 25.6 тыс. 2.8 тыс.
Must Watch Before Buying A Nissan
Ratchets And Wrenches
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I started this channel as a way of helping out my fellow DIYers and as time has gone by it seems to be becoming more and more of a passion. I enjoy helping people fix their cars or at the very least become familiar about what the things under their hood are and how they work :0 And as far as I am concerned we are just getting started, so put on your work clothes and subscribe.

I will not be doing free tool reviews anymore but I might use products I deem good quality in my video's. So if you like to send me Free samples of your products (No Guarantee if it will be used in any video's), nude pictures of your GF, Hate mail or anything else for that matter.. you can use the addresses bellow.

If using Fedex, UPS or DHL mail to:
RnW Direct
ATTN: Iman P.
3223 Greyling Dr. #23204
San Diego Ca 92193

If Using USPS mail to:
RnW Direct
Attn: Iman P.
PO Box 23204
San Diego, Ca 92193

Thank you,

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