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6 670
Breguet: Guilloche Dials Explained By Jeff Kingston
Ibg Worldwide
21.3 тыс. 189 5
Breguet: Restoring Historical Timepieces Of Breguet
Ibg Worldwide
6.4 тыс. 77 3
Blancpain: How A Tourbillon Works
Ibg Worldwide
81.9 тыс. 389 64
Long Version: Blancpain - Tourbillon And Carrousel
Ibg Worldwide
7.5 тыс. 94 2

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IBG Worldwide is a video platform dedicated to demonstrate how finest timepieces are really made. A video channel hosting our documentaries which explain and educate collectors in the many techniques used in the creation of sophisticated mechanical watches. This is an English speaking video channel no brand could create by itself.

But these are not simple videos. These videos are produced and presented by the Ebner Publishing Company – the biggest publisher worldwide of watch related media – and one of today’s most well-known collectors and experts: Jeff Kingston.


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