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General Fishing

General Fishing

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Welcome to the channel chhor mouny
I created this channel to share Knowledge and experience to fishing ,Exercise ,Repair the gym bike , Help society, Repair the fishing gear, How to make a figs fishing ,And some work

Hope you will join me!

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Wishing you success in life
From my chhor mouny
In my channel has variety playlists that can help you to know me like below:

1. Learn to make a figs fishing
2. How to fishing
3. How to repair a bicycle
4. How to ride a gym bike
5. Helping poor and elderly students, And other landscapes
6. How to hook for fishing
You Have A Nice Day!
From Chhor mouny


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News For Me
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Team Bicycle
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Veal Veng District
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Chhor Mouny My Family
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How To Hook For Fishing
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How To Fishing
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Video Fishing
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