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KGW is the NBC TV affiliate in Portland, Oregon, delivering the latest news, weather, traffic and sports for Oregon and SW Washington on TV, online at and on mobile via the free KGW News app:
Check our channel every Friday for a new Oregon adventure from Grant's Getaways.
Every Saturday look for a new in-depth political discussion on Straight Talk with Laural Porter.
And every day you can get headlines on demand with the Top Stories from our newscasts!

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6 лет
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8 Questions
7 видео

Raw Video
21 видео

Oregon History Makers
4 видео

Vaping Crisis
25 видео

Inside Woodlawn
9 видео

Rod On The Road
33 видео

The Builders
2 видео

Kgw Carpool
15 видео

Kgw Kitty Games
18 видео

What'S On Matt'S Mind?
7 видео

Parkrose High School Gun Scare
15 видео

Friday Night Hoops
71 видео

Breaking The Silence
8 видео

651 видео

Those Who Serve
26 видео

Instant Millionaire
5 видео

Classrooms In Crisis
24 видео

Kgw Comic Pick Of The Week
34 видео

Portland Trail Blazers
91 видео

Pdx Good Deeds
289 видео

We Love Vancouver
10 видео

Driving Me Crazy
17 видео

'Sitting In' With...
11 видео

Tonight With Cassidy
1808 видео

3-On-3 Blazers
122 видео

Tent City, Usa
18 видео

Aug. 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
128 видео

Live Music
203 видео

1076 видео

Portland Train Attacks
8 видео

Kgw Reporters
5 видео

Matt Zaffino
17 видео

67 видео

Kgw Politics
64 видео

Kyron Horman
24 видео

Drew Carney Out And About
427 видео

Drone Videos
19 видео

Kgw Features
25 видео

Breaking News
722 видео

Cassidy Quinn
923 видео

Top Stories From Kgw
1014 видео

Portland Today
2610 видео

Kgw Investigates
241 видео

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