Jai Haze
Jai Haze

Jai Haze

192 000
192 000
Triarii Rda 30Mm By Cloud Chasers Inc. | One Big Jammy
Jai Haze
5.1 тыс. 400 24
Jg Delro Billet Box Styled Mod, Dicodes W/Built In Lipo
Jai Haze
14.2 тыс. 542 34
Augvape Druga 2, The Most Nonchalant Rda Of 2020
Jai Haze
11.1 тыс. 481 30
Lackluster Rta, The Ether By Vaping Bogan And S. Mods
Jai Haze
19.7 тыс. 639 390
Finally, A Good Rta - The Juggerknot V2 Rta By Qp Designs
Jai Haze
20.3 тыс. 917 31
Squonk Mod That Holds A 40Mm Rda, Vapecige Vtx Dna250C
Jai Haze
13.9 тыс. 660 31
Failed Project: Actual Fingerprint Device, Obs Cube Fp Kit
Jai Haze
14.8 тыс. 539 27
Drama: Who's The Fool Now?!
Jai Haze
13.9 тыс. 445 58
Huge Piece Of Sh*T, The Roulette Rta By Across Vapes
Jai Haze
17.3 тыс. 802 67
Sit Down Already, Dead Rabbit V2 Rta By Who Knows And Hellvape
Jai Haze
24.2 тыс. 1.2 тыс. 41

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Ive been called the Howard Stern or Simon Cowell of Vaping. A Reviewer, Entertainer and Realist is what I like to consider myself. I have been doing reviews for a while and like to sprinkle in a little bit of comedy or entertainment from time to time. And also keep in mind I purchase a vast majority of my items for reviews unless stated otherwise in the beginning of the video. This allows me to be respected more (obviously) and my opinion even more unbiased. Thats not saying I havent done reviews where I was sent an item however I do not and will not modify my integrity for anyone or any company. If you dont like my videos or find me annoying, move on.

If you would like to contact me, check out my links below.
Support Me @ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jaihaze
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaihaze
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaihaze
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialjaihaze/

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