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Ben Huttash

Ben Huttash

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4 590
How To Remodel Ferrocement
Ben Huttash
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Toyota Ball Joint Replacement 4runner
Ben Huttash
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Sand Bubble, It'S The New Lawn Bubble!
Ben Huttash
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Hairpin Leg Fire Pit Build
Ben Huttash
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This channel follows my meanderings threw various small engine repairs and a Ferrocement house build. With the hope that I can help people feel more confident to get projects done. I just want to do my part in contributing to the wonderful Do It Yourself community we have here on the INTERNET. I am a project oriented person who loves the challenge of something new. The problem I have is that I loose interest when it comes to repetitive repairs of objects. So I keep my self busy with all kinds of projects that come mostly from my every day life. I always try to fix things myself and only as a last resort will I pay for some one to work for me. I hope to evolve this channel into something very fun and helpful as my skills with the camera / editing software improve.

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