Mystic the AllWing Aka AFU
Mystic the AllWing Aka AFU

Mystic The Allwing Aka Afu

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Wings of Fire makes me who I am. I love seeing how people do fan art and OC’s and more! I have been inspired by many YouTubers. Some have moved on and others have not. I will never(at least not any time soon.) I may not have a whole lot of subscribers at the moment (July 2018) but I am slowly but surely getting my way up. My videos will be on camera, TextingStory, ibispaint, and more. I love you all and I will hopefully stay in touch with you so often!!! Every now and then I will do Jurassic World related things and they are very fun! Lastly of course we have to have How to Train Your Dragon videos! Love you all 😉🙃☺️😇. Appreciate yourself and this world we live in!

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