Skills NT Swimming
Skills NT Swimming

Skills Nt Swimming

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276 000
Backstroke Swimming : Easy To Learn, Hard To Master.
Skills Nt Swimming
169.9 тыс. 3.3 тыс. 42
Dryland Exercises For Swimmers: Arrow Freestyle Swimming Technique
Skills Nt Swimming
218.2 тыс. 4.8 тыс. 62
Freestyle Swimming: How I Swim My Smoothest 100 Meters In 1:05
Skills Nt Swimming
1.5 млн. 26.3 тыс. 346
Swimming Perfection In 7 Days
Skills Nt Swimming
56.4 тыс. 1.3 тыс. 53
Swimming With An Underwater Drone :: Gladius Mini
Skills Nt Swimming
13.8 тыс. 307 10
The Smoothest Fastest Swimming :: Freestyle Friday #5 :: Catch Up Swim
Skills Nt Swimming
49.0 тыс. 1.9 тыс. 19
Swimming Technique Tuesday #4 - Streamline
Skills Nt Swimming
13.7 тыс. 512 2
"This Week..." Monday Motivation #4
Skills Nt Swimming
2.7 тыс. 75 15

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This channel is about learning how to use your talents to develop new skills.

These tips and techniques will work best to help you improve if you do two things:
1- Focus on one thing at a time
2- Practice until you dominate that thing and move to the next.

I will also do another series of videos for the other strokes, including starts and turns. There will also be drills and other fun stuff, so make sure to subscribe!

I swam for 15 years in the competitive arena and I hope I can transmit my knowledge as clearly an d simple as youtube allows me to. I plan on doing a couple of these to spread the knowledge I have acquire on swimming. I will do collaborations with people with even more knowledge and experience to do more advanced type videos.

Finally, what I am really passionate about is learning new skills. So the point of this channel is to spread that intrinsic joy that all humans share while learning something new.

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