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Welcome to my channel!

I do a variety of daily content ranging from Dragon Ball Gaming & News, Anime, Nintendo Let's Plays and new game releases all with live commentary. I mainly focus on all things Dragon Ball / Xenoverse, Fusions, & Dokkan Battle / Legends content (Mods, Playthroughs, & News). If you have an idea for a game playthrough, or mod showcase, please do ask so I can get an idea on what game I should play next!

If you want to have a Smash Bros Ultimate or Xenoverse 2 match with me, please message or tweet at me on Twitter as it makes the interaction much easier, thanks in advance!

Feel free to join my Official Discord Server:

If you have any questions pertaining to a channel related topic, please message me through my business e-mail linked below.

If you like the content on my channel, then don't hesitate to subscribe!

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Pokémon X & Y Wi-Fi Battles
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