Specific Love Creations
Specific Love Creations

Specific Love Creations

214 000
214 000
How To Drill A Well By Hand
Specific Love Creations
2.9 тыс. 218 10
Making A Brick Table With Wood
Specific Love Creations
4.1 тыс. 313 4
Narrow Workbench For Small Garage Or Workshop
Specific Love Creations
5.9 тыс. 313 11
Super Simple Carpenter Bee Trap
Specific Love Creations
2.5 тыс. 149 9
Free Energy Pvc Ram Pump
Specific Love Creations
4.8 тыс. 241 8
Cordless Drill Charging And Storage Rack
Specific Love Creations
5.9 тыс. 288 6
Mobile Miter Saw Station
Specific Love Creations
19.9 тыс. 694 13
Pvc Pipe And Concrete Display Stand And Base
Specific Love Creations
4.4 тыс. 259 8
Simple Diy Outdoor Horseshoes Game Pit
Specific Love Creations
11.8 тыс. 186 16
Turning Popsicle Sticks Into Amazing Custom Pens
Specific Love Creations
13.1 тыс. 552 9
Scrap Wood Epoxy Resin Pen Diy Woodworking
Specific Love Creations
3.8 тыс. 229 6

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Dream Big, Build Yourself, Create Something, Inspire Others

Great Projects for family fun (children and adults). Many of these projects can be built in the garage with plenty of bonding time.

You can expect to see:
Workshop Upgrades
DIY projects
How-to videos
PVC Pipe Projects
Life Hacks
Random weekend projects

We hope you can get inspired to make new projects, and possibly learn a little along the way.

NOTE: Use of the video content is at your own risk. Your results may vary depending on type of materials, your craftsmanship, and tools at hand.

Be Specific + Love what you do! = SpecificLove

Want to send us fan mail? Here is our address:
Specific Love
P. O. Box 145
Winston, GA 30187

Proverbs 18:24
John 3:16-17
God Bless

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