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Episode 9! Live Reveal Of The New Guy! And I Take Your Questions...
Jeff Dunham
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Jeff Dunham's May The 4Th Star Wars Tribute | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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And Now, Special Covid-19 Advice From Bubba J | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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Another Very Special Covid-19 Message From Walter | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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And Now, A Very Special Covid-19 Message From Walter | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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Quarantined: Isolated Thoughts On Coronavirus | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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Out Of Toilet Paper? 4-Year-Old Jack & James Try Out A Bidet! | Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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Welcome to the official Jeff Dunham YouTube channel! Join the nearly 1 billion people who've enjoyed all of the videos from Jeff, Achmed, Walter, Peanut, Bubba J and the rest of the gang!

America’s favorite ventriloquist has just released his next Netflix Originals Stand-up Special, “Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself”, taped June 21st and 22nd at the American Airlines Center in his hometown of Dallas, TX. In addition to his usual cast of accomplices, Dunham introduces a brand new, never seen-on-TV character who gives his unique take on what it’s like to work at the White House under Trump. Following the success of 2017’s “Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster,” the new show is Dunham’s second special for Netflix Originals, and the ninth in his impressive string of record-breaking stand up television events.


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