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Gillian Bower

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2 470 000
Diy Room Decor 2019 Easy Boho Room Decor Ideas! How To Decorate Your Bedroom!!
Gillian Bower
135.2 тыс. 4.1 тыс. 104
Slime Trends! How Did Slime Get So Popular?
Gillian Bower
124.6 тыс. 4.4 тыс. 136
Slime Gifts Your Friends Will Want! Will Your Friends Love These Slimes??
Gillian Bower
2.2 млн. 24.8 тыс. 916
Diy Unicorn Room Decor For Teenagers! Cute Diy Room Decor Ideas!
Gillian Bower
444.1 тыс. 9.0 тыс. 213
Diy Locker Decorations! Decorating My Locker! How To Locker Organization!
Gillian Bower
9.1 млн. 66.7 тыс. 2.8 тыс.
How To Make Slime Without Glue! No Glue Slime Recipes!
Gillian Bower
1.2 млн. 20.1 тыс. 1.2 тыс.
How To Make Slime! Slime Ideas For Summer 2018!
Gillian Bower
451.6 тыс. 8.8 тыс. 227
6 Month Old Slime Package...What'S Inside?
Gillian Bower
2.0 млн. 24.5 тыс. 1.4 тыс.

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Hi everyone my name is Gillian! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I love making Slime, How to make slime videos, Fluffy Slime Videos, DIY videos, also DIY Gifts, Hacks, Organization, DIY Room Decor, Tumblr and Pinterest Inspired, Beauty and Lifestyle related videos! Diy Schools Supplies and Back to School Supplies Hauls videos! Videos for Halloween Costumes Treats and Decor also Christmas Gifts and Decorations.

Have a wonderful day!

Gillian x

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