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NASCAR announces stage lengths for 2018 season. Гонки Наскар. Смотреть видео Nascar

Learn more about the 2018 stage lengths in all three series, including the changes in the Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series.

NASCAR announces stage lengths for 2018 season

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dragonblazer96 08.02.2018 00:19
Stage racing seems to get a lot of backlash. I'm going to leave my opinions on it. At first, I thought this was an awful idea. But then I realized the competition caution isn't really a thing anymore. I also realized that the fantom debris cautions seemed to disappear. Now we have predictable cautions that have little impact on the outcome of the race. They also bring a new strategy into the race (short pitting, etc). Also, for fans at the races, it gives a break to go grab suveniers, food, and to use the restroom (similar to quarters, halves, and periods in other sports). It also gets rid of the ridiculously stupid caution clock in the truck series. I do think it needs tweaking, however. I don't think there should be a free pass (lucky dog) in between stages, and I believe the "caution laps" should be pace laps for the next stage, not counting into the total distance of the race. I went to Pocono last year (Ryan Blaney's first win) and was very pleased in the strategy it allowed, and that I could get up for a minute without missing the action. It's a great system, just needs tweaking. We all just need time to get used to it
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X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X 07.02.2018 20:22
What about a 100% race length stage?
Лайки: 79
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 07.02.2018 20:57
in a race it only matters how you finish, the way you start or halfway through the race worth shit
Лайки: 13
Jacob Quail
Jacob Quail 07.02.2018 22:41
If you wanna do stages just do stages with no caution
Лайки: 9
Mr. Slimmy Jimmy
Mr. Slimmy Jimmy 07.02.2018 20:51
Stage racing is wack, get rid of it, no one likes seeing MTJ winning every single of them or the crybaby
Лайки: 8
Alan Wiltsie
Alan Wiltsie 07.02.2018 20:20
Looks good! 2018 is going to be fun!
Лайки: 6
The NeW KiD
The NeW KiD 07.02.2018 23:17
Im surprised they didn't add another stage to have a half time show, since Nascar wants to be the NFL now.
Лайки: 7
crystaljon 07.02.2018 20:29
Am I the only one who thinks stage racing gets way too much flak?
Лайки: 6
Lucas C.
Lucas C. 07.02.2018 21:06
Funny. A year later, and every true NASCAR fan, and most of the rest still dislike Stage racing, yet NASCAR still kept it in place... Thought your 2017 changes were "for the fans." Well, congrats, you ruined your fanbase.... Got rid of all the good true fans, and brought in the bandwagoner idiots. All you're doing is ruining the sport. It seriously needs to go back to how it was before. A 250, 300, 400, 500, or 600 race is a race. Now it's a 100 or so mile race, to set up and short pit before a caution or some other bullcrap to be in the lead for the next stage when you should be back in 20th.
Лайки: 22
Zach 08.02.2018 00:44
Please just throw out Brian France
Лайки: 5
Ikusa GT
Ikusa GT 07.02.2018 22:52
Will stage cautions not count towards the lap counter? That's something that I always felt was dumb.
Лайки: 3
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 07.02.2018 20:41
how about a compromise. No stages in the playoff races (because there's no point to it), but keep it in the regular season since they're so adamant on keeping it.

But what do I know, I'm just a fan that wants to enjoy the sport and have new people come and enjoy the sport as well

Лайки: 3
Idk Player
Idk Player 08.02.2018 00:33
Idk why people hate stage racing I like it it’s cool
Лайки: 2
Lucas Andresen
Lucas Andresen 07.02.2018 20:23
Лайки: 27
Asteroid Strike 9
Asteroid Strike 9 07.02.2018 22:23
If you don't mind me asking what do you use to edit?
Лайки: 1
Not Your Average Videos
Not Your Average Videos 07.02.2018 20:36
Stage racing should be a mile and a half thing only
Лайки: 1
A random person on YouTube 135
A random person on YouTube 135 07.02.2018 22:37
Stage racing is mediocre at best In my opinion
Лайки: 0
Darcy Gregorio
Darcy Gregorio 07.02.2018 22:33
i wonder who will retire after the 2018 monster ernergy cup series
Лайки: 1
Tanner2488 07.02.2018 23:32
You can hope all you want for the stage racing to go but money talks. Stage racing brings in a ton more money and viewership. For every 1 person who dislikes it, you get 3 more following. In the long run, stages will help the sport. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Quit bitching.
Лайки: 2
B.J red
B.J red 08.02.2018 23:54
Sew number 20 for taking Kyle bushes interstate battery paint job
Лайки: 1
Wes Graham
Wes Graham 07.02.2018 22:34
How about a full race because stage racing is garbage and a gimmick. But if you are going to force it on us atleast make them caution free stage breaks.
Лайки: 5
Justin Miksch/ /MTJ nation
Justin Miksch/ /MTJ nation 07.02.2018 22:34
I enjoy the stages tbh.
Лайки: 2
Swine Brothers
Swine Brothers 07.02.2018 20:15
i'll be waiting til nascar knocks off this shit that nobody wants...if you want stage races, watch something shorter.
Лайки: 8
TheRetroGamer 07.02.2018 20:24
Still hate them
Лайки: 9
Derek Imler
Derek Imler 07.02.2018 20:32
I thought stage racing was just for last year. U gotta be fucking kidding me nascar
Лайки: 5

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