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NASCAR announces 2018 updates. Гонки Наскар. Смотреть видео Nascar

NASCAR's Jonathan Merryman brings you up to speed on updates for the 2018 NASCAR season.

NASCAR announces 2018 updates

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SnakeBerry 01.02.2018 18:04
The limited roster is a stupid idea. What if a crew member gets hurt during a race and has to pull somebody from another organization?
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The Heartfelt Kid
The Heartfelt Kid 02.02.2018 00:49
Use mirrors to trick the inspection cameras
Лайки: 12
Matthew Kowal
Matthew Kowal 01.02.2018 18:18
Last year we had scores of races with less than 10 lead changes, the thinner splitter to reduce downforce is going to make the competition less competitive than last year. I applaud NASCAR for getting rid of the rear springs on superspeedways, the photogrammetry inspection that should reduce time, and the hi-speed cameras/data collectors. Unfortunately, the rear springs are not going to prevent the car from getting airborne. I saw in Austin Dillon's accident and other accidents not involving lift off, that if a car hits another in the side or a sweet spot, the car that gets hit will fly like a baseball getting hit by the bat, it's called matter displacement in physics. At first the lift off in the COT was caused by the wing, in which the purpose of a wing is to create lift. They need to go back to an air dam/valence so we don't have cars going through the grass that tears up the front bumpers.
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scottthewaterwarrior 02.02.2018 00:52
I don't like how restrictive they keep making the pit stops. Like only allowing a certain number over the wall is fine, but why limit what they can do? If a team wants to have 4 guys clean the windshield, and just one guy fill it with gas and change all 4 tires, they should be allowed to do that.
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fred a
fred a 04.02.2018 05:50
Nascar is going down the pooper faster than a Sunday morning brown snake. RIP
Лайки: 13
ILOVEALIJAH 01.02.2018 20:38
I hope we get more short tracks in the playoffs
Лайки: 11
Rowdy Smoke14
Rowdy Smoke14 01.02.2018 19:40
Oh Daytona 500, will you ever arrive?
Лайки: 29
Michelle Whitfield
Michelle Whitfield 02.02.2018 09:01
So with this change, will pit stops be longer?
Лайки: 5
Jeffrey Cook
Jeffrey Cook 01.02.2018 23:50
What the hell is NASCAR coming to
Лайки: 9
X_mattc10_X 02.02.2018 03:36
Ok not too bad really. Few things that I feel are unnecessary and things that shouldn't be changed at all. Idk why we have all of the sudden decided to make huge changes between seasons. Really breaks consistency, but look forward to the new inspection station and hope that the engine and parts rules will help low funded teams and make the cost a bit cheaper.
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Vladimir Stefanovic
Vladimir Stefanovic 05.02.2018 06:14
These new rules suck
Лайки: 5
KBowWow75 02.02.2018 02:10
No ride height rule at Daytona or Talladega? RIP nose of the car for anyone who spins or drives into the grass.
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A random person on YouTube 135
A random person on YouTube 135 01.02.2018 21:46
0:07 What the heck is this, the NBA?
Лайки: 14
LittleSchmiegy 02.02.2018 03:31
I don't like the limited rosters...that'll kill low-funded teams...but I like that we have rules. I like the 2018 schedule (in comparison to recent past years. Its still not perfect.) And to be honest, I like our playoff system. It brings some fun and suspense to the end of the year while it still puts emphasis on all 36 races, unlike the chase grid that we had in 2014, 2015, etc. I really hope Monster Energy sticks around, because I think they are giving NASCAR the rebound that they need.
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Jonathan Tenorio
Jonathan Tenorio 02.02.2018 14:53
What, a chance a lift off
Лайки: 2
Jp Baker
Jp Baker 01.02.2018 23:02
Mixed emotions from the people here but I like some of these changes. Some are just what they need.
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2000cobraguy 06.02.2018 22:05
All pit crew members must have 37 cents in each front pocket.
Each must consist of one 2004 minted quarter,
and one 1977 dime, and 2 pennies of any vintage.

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Police Doggo
Police Doggo 02.02.2018 02:51
Why only 5 crew members over the wall?
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F-4 Ace
F-4 Ace 01.02.2018 21:04
Whenever Nascar and changes are in the same sentence, its usually shit news. So a pleasant suprise this time around
Лайки: 16
Limestone Butter
Limestone Butter 03.02.2018 05:30
Why can only 5 crew members go over the wall? And why can they only do one specific job? Is it because you guys want pit stops to be longer, further delaying the race and the “action”? Why do the crew have to wear numbered fire suits? Does NASCAR need to keep track of them or something? And what if a crew member is sick on race day or something like that? Would nobody be able to fill out his position? What’s the point of all of this?

Oh yeah, I forgot the slogan of NASCAR:

“If it ain’t broke, smash it into a million pieces with a mallet and then set the pieces on fire with a flamethrower”.

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X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X 01.02.2018 18:15
A flat splitter is a split in the right direction; I hope the hideous sideskirts will be banned in 2019.
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Ball Universe
Ball Universe 01.02.2018 18:22
the rules seem clear cut this year which is what we need.
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Narcissist Gamer
Narcissist Gamer 02.02.2018 05:51
If it’s Christmas, would Johnathan Merryman be Johnathan Merry Christmas?

I’ll leave.

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Chris Barnett
Chris Barnett 01.02.2018 21:38
Nascar is doing something right
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14stockfan 02.02.2018 04:12
5 crew members is stupid, and woo-hoo, a new camera system that will probably further increase the number of failed inspections and petty penalties.
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