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Alan Gustafson shares why Hamlin incident shortened Elliott's 'fuse'. Гонки Наскар. Смотреть видео Nascar

Chase Elliott's crew chief Alan Gustafson explains why what happened at the end of the 2017 season changed how his driver plans on attacking the new year.

Alan Gustafson shares why Hamlin incident shortened Elliott's 'fuse'

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ThatoneElliottfan9 12.01.2018 18:01
I smell a breakout season in the air
Лайки: 36
Jimmie Johnson #GOAT #7TimeChamp #Chasing8
Jimmie Johnson #GOAT #7TimeChamp #Chasing8 12.01.2018 17:46
Have a good year teammate.
Лайки: 22
Sheree Arend
Sheree Arend 12.01.2018 19:39
The hamlin incident sparked my fuse and i wasn't even in the car lol
Лайки: 18
DaleE988 12.01.2018 18:47
Thats what its gonna take to close out races is just a little agression. I just think back to Dover while Newman was being a jackass running two laps down holding Chase up just a little bump wouldve solved the problem and thats a win the books. But I think with a newer attitude and that camaro body and the aero that body is gonna bring i see big things for us this season. I know he can get it done
Лайки: 12
TheAtomicBuizel 68
TheAtomicBuizel 68 12.01.2018 18:25
I see him winning 3 times next year. He could be a contender.
Лайки: 11
TheEcrus 13.01.2018 02:50
I hope chevy dominates this year and Chase gets some wins and he been the most consistent hendrick driver the past 2 years from what I've seen since he got the most top 10 finishes of the hendrick bunch 2 years in a row.
Лайки: 5
Harry Loomis
Harry Loomis 12.01.2018 18:27
Just wanted to say I really wish that his car was the same design as in 2016 but with the number 9
Лайки: 6
FrequencyOfThought 12.01.2018 17:49
Hamlin speech impediment boy is annoying.
Лайки: 5
G2V Gaming
G2V Gaming 13.01.2018 23:13
I told y'all, the Hamlin incident would be the "trigger" that will cause Elliott to break out and start winning races this season.
Лайки: 2
Atticus 12.01.2018 23:54
"Really good person," like when he bumped Ty Dillon out of the way at Mosport a few years ago at the last corner for the win...
Лайки: 0
Andrea Huff
Andrea Huff 13.01.2018 06:53
I really wish you would have knocked Denny’s front teeth out to show him and any driver in the future that deliberately crashing you will have consequences. I would have loved watching Denny lying to the media about what he did, missing a tooth. Next Time!
Лайки: 1
LightningMcQueen #95RustezeRacing
LightningMcQueen #95RustezeRacing 13.01.2018 02:07
Does he mean the Chase Elliott is too soft when he races people
Лайки: 0
RebelRanger01 13.01.2018 05:38
that one dislike is a denny hamlin fan who is still bitter about phoenix last season
Лайки: 1
Connor Chadwell
Connor Chadwell 12.01.2018 17:47
It takes time but once he wins he's going to be hard to beat he's so consistent #breakout year for chase elliot 3 wins and much more racing for a championship
Лайки: 8
IanNation48 12.01.2018 21:23
The so called "rivalry" is the worst I have seen, the hate for Hamlin is just unreasonable, people don't undertsand it was racing gone wrong! I feel bad for Hamlin more than Chase to be honest, so people need to get over the rivalry, because it is not gonna last FOREVER.
Лайки: 8
IanNation48 12.01.2018 21:11
The "fued" got annoying after Martinsville, literally Texas, NBCSN kept hyping the feud and literally nothng fucking happen at all, so idk why NBCSN kept hypiung bout Texas, thinking it was gonna be tHe BeSt RaCe Of ThE yEaR. Then Phoenix, OOOOHHH LOOOOOK, CHASE TAKES OUT HAMLIN, OOOO WOW!!! Honestly, I lost a little respect to Chase after that (don't hate him tho). At Martinsville, yes Hamlin took out Elliott, but it was a bump, Hamlin dd nothing wrong, it is just rednecks being idiots because Toyota's and Chase is overrated!! At least Hamlin didn't put Chase in the garage, at least Chase still finished the race. Phoenix was dumb, what Chase did to Denny was BITCHY, and uncalled for, he took him out, nothing wrong with bumping and trading paint, but if you are going to put someone in the wall on purpose, then it causes them a tire and hit the wall and not finish the race, THAT WAS DIRTY FOR WHAT CHASE DID!! So glad Kenseth won that race because I knew Chase was gonna lose that race, Chase Elliott is the biggest dissapointment I have ever seen in the 24, EVER! 24 should've been retired... Smh... If Chase does the same shit like last year, and also not win a race, he's not worth cheering for, was he really meant to be in Hendrick?? I used to be so hyped bout Chase in Cup, now I think he is overrated and overhyped, even the CE fans are annoying ass motherfuckers redneck trash, they like him cuz he is Bill's kid! Honestly, I hope he wins and succeds in the 9, if he doesn't, he is not worth cheering for...
Лайки: 4
Jack Gagliani
Jack Gagliani 12.01.2018 17:40
Go chase
Лайки: 4
Bully&GTAFan2015 Productions
Bully>AFan2015 Productions 13.01.2018 00:28
Hamlin is a complete David Winkle.
Лайки: 1
Landon Gta5 man
Landon Gta5 man 12.01.2018 20:42
Elliott will have a good year
Лайки: 6
Landon Gta5 man
Landon Gta5 man 13.01.2018 15:38
Elliott is a good driver
Лайки: 1
Nikolai P. Culp
Nikolai P. Culp 15.01.2018 16:55
Alan Gustafson is one of the best crew chiefs rn
Лайки: 0
Laura Gramenz
Laura Gramenz 13.01.2018 07:07
He has been too considerate. If other people want to take cheap shots, I say they're fair game. I'm looking forward to seeing that #9 do a lot of burnouts this season!
Лайки: 0
Asimovs Rulebreaker
Asimovs Rulebreaker 13.01.2018 14:24
20 hours ago! This was posted 20 hours ago? I just got it 31 minutes ago... What the fuckin fuck YouTube? How incredibly lame can you be?
Лайки: 0
TheDieHardWWEAddict 13.01.2018 03:32
The Cancerous Gibbs Drivers need too learn when you fuck with a certain driver you're gonna get your's
Лайки: 1
Silvie Gang
Silvie Gang 12.01.2018 22:30
Man, all of you bitches need to leave the Elliott-Hamlin situation aside, it’s 2018, and y’all are stuck in 2017, I’ve gotten over that shit the next day after Hamlin “dumped” Elliott, it’s just a typical racing deal. Fucking POS Elliott is overrated and will always be overrated. I fucking hate this generation of fans.
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