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Race Rewind: Homestead-Miami2017 Championship. Гонки Наскар. Смотреть видео Nascar

Relive all the action from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship as we watch the final laps of Matt Kenseth, Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. and crown a new champion in NASCAR.

Race Rewind: Homestead-Miami  2017 Championship

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NM19 20.11.2017 19:02
10:28 Key moment for the championship
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John Berger
John Berger 20.11.2017 20:20
Martin Truex Jr. deserved the Playoffs Championship. He had the best season this year. I hate the Chase/Playoffs and the best driver throughout the entire 36 race schedule is the Champion. Excellent job Martin.
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cctitansfan 20.11.2017 21:02
Well Deserved for MTJ.He was the man all season.And to see Furniture Row come from a back in the pack team to a Championship Team is Amazing.Happy for those guys.
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Kyle18 Fan
Kyle18 Fan 20.11.2017 21:30
Kyle Busch gave it one hell of a run at the end. Super proud of him, and great job all year, Martin!
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Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 20.11.2017 20:10
Worst season of nascar I’ve ever experienced
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ricardo pozos-guzman
ricardo pozos-guzman 21.11.2017 05:15
Miami is so not competitive enough to be the last race of the season. They need to reschedule the final race
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Gage Wilson
Gage Wilson 21.11.2017 14:57
Toyota's advantage was obvious during the championship. C'mon NASCAR level the playing field! Truex in a different car wouldn't and didn't amount to shit. Manufacturer battles are lame and end in dominance. Trash.
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Rail Gamer Productions
Rail Gamer Productions 27.12.2017 11:43
In my opinion, the "Win and Your In" format, isn't the best... It allows drivers like Chris Beuscher, Kasey Kahne, Austin Dillon, and other non-deserving winners. (they all won by fuel milage, or VERY lucky strategy)
Now this year, at the beginning we all knew the champion would be Martin Truex Jr, or Kyle Busch. And we all can agree that Kyle did not deserve the championship this season... I mean he drove hard, but win-wise, Truex got 7 before the championship, and I believe Kyle only got 5.
But this season, I think the most deserving driver got the championship. In 2016, it was cool to see Johnson win for the SEVENTH time, but I think Carl Edwards, or Joey Logano deserved it. And using Logano as an example... I mean, Logano ever sense he came to Penske, he's gotten into the chase EVERY year (until 2017) and in 2014, would have won if it weren't for his pit crew, 2015, Matt Kenseth took him out at Martinsville and put him in a must win situation, and rain shortened Phoenix gave Jr. His last win, and knocked Logano out of the playoffs... Then in 2016, he had such a good car, that in the 2016 championship race, he pulled all the way from 8th to 3rd in about two laps.
But then again, Johnson just had the better car, and ended up taking it. And Truex for sure didn't have it right all day... But then he turned it around, and won it all.... for FURNITURE ROW RACING... They've really improved....
And in 2015, I do think Kyle deserved it just a tad more than Logano... I mean, he got like 7 or 8 wins, (i don't remember) but i know a bunch of stubborn Gordon fans are gonna come at me in the reply section, and go ahead...
And don't think i'm biest for Joey Logano...
I just wanted to use him as an example, because how many times hes gotten knocked out, or beaten by someone who wasn't nearly as dominant...

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Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 23.11.2017 05:30
I am glad denica is leaving lol go make baby's and be stay home sucker mom she can't drive a real man car's
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kroloxo 26.11.2017 17:44
Congrats to Matin. ;)
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Nickie Pie
Nickie Pie 23.11.2017 14:13
Jake Paul Was There
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Nikki Ghantous
Nikki Ghantous 21.11.2017 02:14
I was there
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Extermigator x
Extermigator x 20.11.2017 18:24
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karnubawax 21.11.2017 07:33
YES!!! Top 20 for Jamie Mac!!!
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Nawnya Businaz
Nawnya Businaz 22.11.2017 08:47
Hmmm I wonder why Kurt spin out.. Hmmmm
Лайки: 1
Justin Mays
Justin Mays 22.11.2017 20:30
Glad Martin got this one. Best driver all season, now got the hardware to back it up
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Tito57 XD
Tito57 XD 21.11.2017 09:15
Please dont say you wont upload the full race...
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Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20.11.2017 18:21
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karnubawax 21.11.2017 07:17
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freewillobjector 21.11.2017 06:32
MTJ was the class of the field this year. He earned it. You can start bitching now...
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JGGamerdude 24
JGGamerdude 24 22.11.2017 23:01
i have so much respect for danica she recieves so much hate from things she cant control... she might have not won or did much good things but cmon shes trying as hard as she can... im 11 and i know this... it aint right man.. they hate her just cuz shes a woman... she wrecks a lot... she hasnt wont... other stuff.. but hey... i bet when she won indy yall probobly didnt give her so much hate but since shes joined nascar shes been in the wrong place at the wrong time... yea she has bad or selfish moments, but we all do... if i was battling her for a win i would let her go by because you never know what will happen... she keeps wrecking from losing control which isnt her fault, srsly you guys try to step in a car and go fast like that without spinning... at least she gets up to speed and runs laps... she rarely has a good finish because she either gets lapped trying not to wreck, or she does get wrecked and gets blamed for it... use your brain ppl so dont hate her just because she has had a rough career... wait til theres another thing that happens that makes since like when aric almirola got injured, or says something racist or controversial... dont hate on her just cuz shes danica... so next time you think about hating on her... think about if you were a driver, you struggled your whole career, you got wrecked, you never won, you always got lapped, and people hate on YOU just for that... you might make a mistake and wrecked the leader but everybody makes mistakes ok.. yall are just cruel and hateful... just think about it ok plz
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OUTLAW712 21.11.2017 15:10
Another boring  3hour Toyota commercial,i would say that at least 75% of the broadcast is marketing, commercials and graphics placed at the most inappropriate times,not very fun tto watch....with that kind of money its hard not to draw conclusions about the outcome of the races.
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AceRay 24
AceRay 24 21.11.2017 09:34
that suspicious yellow flag just as kurt busch enter the pit
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whatglittersisgold 21.11.2017 17:04
Interesting to see what drivers if any can take the place of Dale Jr, or really what drivers have enough fans to keep it going. All of their popular drivers are gone now, jeff gordon, tony stewart, micheal waltrip, danica, kenseth... Kyle Bush is gonna have to win another race and smash a guitar after or something, to get in the mainstream news and bring some eyes back to nascar!
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Sensful 20.11.2017 18:22
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