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Junkyard Crawl During the Disgustang Road Trip - Roadkill Extra. MotorTrend.

In episode 73 of Roadkill, one of the stops that Freiburger and Finnegan made was a visit to a small junkyard near Fresno, California. In this Roadkill Extra you’ll get the extended cut of the treasures that were found. If you enjoy stuff like this, make sure to watch Junkyard Gold on MotorTrendOnDemand.com.
As you watch, cruise over to Facebook.com/RoadkillShow, follow us, and watch for future posts asking for your questions to be answered on the Q&A sessions that are posted every Friday on Roadkill Extra Powered by Dodge.

Теги: roadkill project car, vehicular failure, 1969 ford mustang mach 1, junkyard walk, automotive history, classic cars

Junkyard Crawl During the Disgustang Road Trip - Roadkill Extra

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ALAPINO 11.02.2018 08:01
I'm pretty confident that what Freihotdog has forgotten in the past is magnitudes more than I know now.
Лайки: 17
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie 10.02.2018 11:53
I'm just amazed at how Freiburger can just randomly with every car go "in 42, they did this and then in 43 they changed this, but in 46 they did the same as in 42 and in 48.... "
Лайки: 206
cJared3b 10.02.2018 14:59
Too much focus on Finnigans face and not enough shots of the cars Freiburger is talking about.
Лайки: 54
Rennie Kontak
Rennie Kontak 10.02.2018 16:00
Enjoyable, but I would have loved to see more of the cars you talked about and that V12, rather that your ugly zip tied mugs just talking about them.
Those camera guys need a spanking!

Лайки: 45
Aaron 6219
Aaron 6219 10.02.2018 11:44
look a 1969 honda civic type r oh ma guwd
Лайки: 40
Alex Crouse
Alex Crouse 10.02.2018 21:28
Slightly terrible camera work on this one. Point at what he's talking about!

Otherwise, great!

Лайки: 35
Maxxarcade 10.02.2018 12:17
Too bad Pigpen isn't still around. It would be cool if you guys got to take it on a trip now that the exhaust is straightened out, and maybe find that previous owner.
Лайки: 85
MyJizz UrEye
MyJizz UrEye 10.02.2018 11:50
That intro has to be the worst bastardardization to avoid copyright of proud mary in the entire history of earth.

Find who ever did it, drag them into the street and shoot them in front of their family.

Лайки: 17
SZCZERZO KŁY 10.02.2018 18:33
On my bucket list: go to USA, buy an american car from a junkyard, fix it and travel the miles visting every state there is (except Hawaii, Alaska is on the "maybe" part).
Лайки: 15
Ecosse57 10.02.2018 18:12
my humble advice: you guys need to hire cameramen who are actual gear heads. when dave or mike points something out maybe you should actually point the camera towards the... ya know, mechanical thing they are pointing out.
Лайки: 91
Papa Cap
Papa Cap 10.02.2018 13:48
why a re-load
Лайки: 10
hooptie _
hooptie _ 10.02.2018 15:39
Guys at the hot rod shop looking over security cam footage Monday morning, 🤤(spits out coffee) "is that Freiberger and Finnigan?!"
Лайки: 9
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn 10.02.2018 17:46
Flim the cars your talking about instead of just filming you talking about them
Лайки: 9
Timboslice 10.02.2018 17:25
Hey Freiburger where the hell is the salad bowl of power?
Лайки: 2
Ohhdanyboy 10.02.2018 11:56
Re upload?
Лайки: 5
G Willis
G Willis 10.02.2018 12:37
Same footage as the roadkill episode!!! Ripoff
Лайки: 38
mudyguy59 vlogs
mudyguy59 vlogs 10.02.2018 11:32
Лайки: 3
Brian Sipe
Brian Sipe 10.02.2018 12:41
You guys had the perfect opportunity to snatch up that penny farthing, smh...
Лайки: 3
Ben Lauderdale
Ben Lauderdale 10.02.2018 12:42
My friends and i dragged a 1982 300d out of the woods and a bunch of mail amd stuff from the previous owner. Wanted to find the guy and be like YOU HAVENT PAID YOUR TAXES!
Лайки: 34
eric feagley
eric feagley 10.02.2018 12:32
I'm amazed freiburger wearing flip flops to a junkyard
Лайки: 90
overkillaudioinc 11.02.2018 14:38
The robot with the spinny things....was Maximilian from the Disney movie "The Black Hole" which i still have nightmares about!
Лайки: 2
محمد الرشيدي
محمد الرشيدي 10.02.2018 13:37
الي عربي يسوي لايك 😂
Лайки: 2
kh40yr 11.02.2018 16:17
Lucky they didn't pick your stinkstsang up with the forklift and head for the crusher. The older Rancheros have the proper width for a complete 9" diff for Trifive chevys,,,,,and if you can find one with a posi,,good days!. 59 1/4"-1/2" full oem width I think it is. 9inch big bearing truck/ranchero housing for $75 at the wrecker for me. Saved me alot of cash and it was built good enough for a bit of sticky track work. SAVE THE JUNKYARDS!!. Kudo's to owner Steve for the buyout of that one.
Лайки: 2
GetoGabe 10.02.2018 14:50
You guys should build a V12 car
Лайки: 2
Ohhdanyboy 10.02.2018 11:50
Any events in Cali coming soon?
Лайки: 2

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